Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Type of Status Updater are YOU?


Greatest invention or evil incarnate?

Don't get me wrong.

I love me some Facebook.

Probably too much.

But I don't sit in front of it every moment of the day.

I do this and that and check in periodically.

I think Facebook has done much to lessen my feelings of being an island.

I enjoy keeping up with people and what goes on in their lives in 420 characters or less.

I don't have time or the desire for a lengthy phone call and chances are, I wouldn't be able to hear most of what the other person says, anyway.

But, here's the rub.

Let's wax philosophical for a minute.

What is Facebook, really?

Surely we all saw the movie where Facebook got its start.

It was meant to be a social network for college students.

While I am technically a co-ed, I don't think I'm what Mark Zuckerberg had in mind.

Now, as with everything in our world, it has evolved and morphed into something altogether different.

You now have singles, young marrieds, DINKs (Dual Income No Kids), old marrieds, moms, dads, the creepy, the shy, the socially get the picture.

But what gets me about Facebook the most is the status updates that people choose to post.

Before I launch in, I know there is a "hide" feature so I don't H A V E to read these updates, but I can't help myself. And...I would have almost everyone hidden because everyone at one time or another falls victim to the "annoying status update." (Except yours truly, natch.)

Here we go...and just remember these are just the random ponderings of a stay-at-home who knows nothing about nothing (or so some would have you believe.)

What's your Facebook Status 'Type'?

The world is their oyster...

"My life is wonderful. My kids are perfect. I'm in complete control of my household, my finances, my children, and my figure. My husband is fantastic." And finished up with one of my personal faves,
"Life is good!"

Or the converse...

"My life sucks. I burned my toast. I got a shut off notice in the mail. I shrunk my favorite sweater. My kids are always whiny. My husband is unsupportive."

The unnecessary...

"Got up, ate breakfast (pancakes), showered, heading to work"

Then the follow-up...

"Traffic is a mess. Arrrgh hate I79!"

Airing of family laundry...

[Directed at family member, but without name so as to keep it "private" Notice all CAPS]

The English major...

"What a SUPERB afternoon. Fantastic time at the park. So enjoyed frolicking with the other mommies and watching the children as that's so enjoyable. It's extremely refreshing to live vicariously through them as they grow and explore their environments. Just Fabulous! What a tremendous day!"

The Perfect Parent...

"Just baked 300 cookies for Sally's party, now off to sew the children's clothing and make homemade play doh. I can smell the bread I made from scratch baking in the oven. In a's off to make finger puppets and then re-enact the wizard of oz. But not before composting and tending to the herb garden in the back yard. Plus, got to get that 5 mile run in before I start our 6 course dinner..."

(Granted, I wish I had more time and energy for this type of living, but still...)

The I'm-in-a-crisis-but -still-have-time-to-post-to-Facebook status...

"Jr just cut off his finger. Ohmigod!! We're racing him to the hospital..."

The 'I know more Facebook/texting shorthand than you'...

"LMAO. U R so funny, BFF! IDK how you do it! TTYL!"

The TV/Movie/Game spoiler...

"Can't believe that John DIES at the end of [insert show name here.]


"Arrrgh. Tough loss, Raiders!"

The "politician"

"Of course the democrats/republicans (choose your preferred party) can't get it right, they have so-and-so in office! We'd be in a much better place if they would just get so-and-so out of office and start (insert your believed strategy for making the country a better place.)"

Which then launches an all-out Facebook post debate.

And yet I still love it. For all its imperfections and annoyances...I still love Facebook. I like to creep peruse all the status updates to see what's going on with everyone--even if it's just to roll my eyes.

I think I actually get some kind of perverse joy out of reading some of the above mentioned statuses.

I don't know why.

Some are funny.

Some are pathetic.

And some-as absolutely irritating as they are-spark something in me that lights a little fire-if only for a second.

So go know who you are...keep posting the funny, annoying, inane, mundane, angry, ridiculous crap.

Cuz I'll still be here reading.
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