Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This Is Fargin War

Did you recognize the title from Johnny Dangerously?

I'm declaring fargin war on the playroom.

Here is My Playroom/Office

And here's a another view of this beautiful room:

It looks like someone had a brawl in there.

M likes to overturn the chairs and drop everything he picks up. Anywhere and everywhere.

Joe and I had called a moritorium on cleaning it for a few days.

In the hopes that the kids would get the hint and clean it themselves.

That's funny.

Our kids don't pick up on subtleties.

It remained this way for days.

Until today...

I rolled up my sleeves and strapped on my hard hat.

I ended up getting rid of 2 garbage bags of crap and rediscovered the floor.

Here's an "after" shot.

I claim victory.

There so much darn room, L was able to do cartwheels! Here he is in action.

And I've almost met my calories burned goal, to boot!

You know, I used to scoff at those moms who said they stayed in shape simply by chasing their kids around.

I am no longer scoffing.

I believe it.

Now that I can see with my own eyes how many calories are burned just by doing my normal everyday stuff, I'm amazed.

Turns out those moms weren't lying when they said that...but they also weren't running through McDonald's drive thru every day or eating an entire sleeve of cookies as a "snack."

I'm learning here.
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