Friday, April 8, 2011

It Was A "Meh" Kind Of Day

It's been a craptastic end to a "meh" kind of day.

And expensive.

Our dryer just took a swan dive and decided to stop heating up. I ran the same load of clothes 3 times yesterday. First, I blamed Joe for not starting the dryer after he loaded it, then I thought I was going crazy and forgot to start it myself.

Off we trotted to Lowes. We scored a great deal on a clearance item, but still cost $500.

That hurt.

I can think of so many much more fun ways to spend $500.

Then, when we got home, Joe was supposed to run in, change clothes, and we would drop him off at the gym.

We pulled in to the driveway and Joe (who was driving) jumped out of the car immediately. Seriously, we were still moving when he threw his door open and was halfway out of the car.

And we kept moving.

It took me a split second (which felt like a year) to realize that he hadn't put the van in park when he got out.

It all happened so fast: I yelled to Joe, and with cat like quickness, slammed the gear shift in park, and watched (and listened) helplessly as the front end crunched up against the stone wall that lines our driveway.

By this time, Joe had already jumped back in the van and was wildly punching buttons, stomping on peddles, and gripping the steering wheel. (Amazing how all common sense goes out the window in that situation.)

Then, I don't completely remember what happened.

Joe got out to assess the damage. I didn't want to look, but I did.

The corner is crunched in and scraped all to high Heaven.

The sweet periwinkel minivan looks l like it got into a bar room brawl.

Joe apologized about 800 times.

I'd like to say that I reassuringly answered that it was only a car, no big deal, we can get it fixed, yadda yadda yadda...

Instead I yelled, "damn it!" and pouted about having to now drive a junky, piece of crap car.

From the back I could hear R and L chattering on. R said: "L, I thought we almost got died."

If I wasn't so royally ticked off, I would have laughed at that.

Instead, I fumed.

And then...I cheated.

I did.

With about 7 M&M's.

And you know what...Im okay with that.

I could have eaten the entire bag (and it was a FAMILY SIZE bag.)

But I didn't.

Baby steps.

Plus, I have lost a total of 9 lbs (by MY scale...Jenny's is a little less forgiving) so far and it is feelin' good. And in only about 2 weeks!

I figured I earned those M&Ms!

But back on the strict regimen tomorrow.

Oh...I forgot to tell you...the other night, I woke up in the middle of the night to find my left arm-the one I wear the Body Bug on (the monitor I have talked about HERE)-was TOTALLY asleep. As in I couldn't feel it or move it. I panicked. I punched Joe with my right arm and begged him to massage my left arm. He was so helpful. He told me to "go like this" while flexing his hand. And then rolled over and went back to sleep.

I looked down at my arm and it looked like Johnny Tremain's hand (bonus points if you recognize the Johnny Tremain reference.)

I tried to do exactly what Joe did. In my mind I was flexing super fast, but my fingers barely moved.

I was starting to panic.

Finally...what seemed like hours later...the feeling slowly crept back in to my hand.

I think I had the Body Bug on too tight.

This losing weight thing may end up killing me yet!
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