Monday, April 4, 2011

Full Moon At The Gym Yesterday

So my confidence is growing at the gym.

Meaning I don't care what anyone thinks of me while I'm there.

Okay...not completely true...but Im caring less.

I have a routine:

Arrive, make a beeline for the bathroom (even if I went before I left home, the ole bladder isn't what it used to be and I can't risk that while on the treadmill),

adjust my clothing so I feel the least amount of fat, lumpy, etc.,

put my iPod on, get some good music playing,

head up to the treadmill (careful not to make eye contact with anyone-I've learned that people don't really smile that much at the gym. I don't get that...I thought working out increased endorphins???),

get on the treadmill, enter my weight as quickly as possible so no one sees, and begin my workout.

I stare at the TV screens hanging in front, alternating between Real wives of Whatever, CNN, and "Men who Murdered Their Wives" on another screen. I have to say, none of them are particluarly inspiring.

Yesterday I was minding my own business, mentally choreographing a dance to Christina Aguilera's "Stronger" and something caught my eye.

A girl working out at one of the machines down below was settling herself in to do some back leg presses (I'm sure that's not the proper terminology...) and as she settled her stomach on the bench, I stood-- well walked-- stunned. I could not tear my eyes away. I felt like such a perv.

She was wearing short, black running shorts...which were OBVIOUSLY not lined...and...this makes me cringe...a black thong. It was horrifying. Because of how the light hit her shorts, and the material they were made out of, it was like she wasn't wearing any bottoms at all. I was embarrassed for her and for myself. Although there was a brief moment when I was thankful for the grannies I always wear. They may be ginormous, but at least they cover what I got.

So, there I was, stuck on the treadmill, staring at this girls hiney. Thankfully, she moved on to another machine pretty quickly.

So, lesson of the day...wear lined bottoms at the gym. Or full cut undies. There are some assets that you don't want to flaunt so publicly.
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