Tuesday, April 12, 2011

25% Of Me Is G-O-N-E

Okay, so that isn’t entirely accurate.

But I AM 25% to my weight loss goal.

And that feels pretty terrific.

I weighed in today.

Jenny says I am 8 lbs less of the woman I used to be, but my scale (and I heart my scale) says -10lbs.

I’m going with mine.

I think it’s more accurate because I don’t tend to weigh in at the center wearing my birthday suit, like I do at home.

NO ONE needs to see THAT.

Plus, I consider my nudie rudie weight to be the “real” one anyway. Who’s going to challenge that?

Got my work out on at the gym tonight.

It felt so good. Jammin’ to some Green Day and Dixie Chicks. I know, eclectic.

It was all good, except I had some nosey guy to my left who kept looking at my screen. I don’t know if he was looking at my speed or time or what, but it was annoying.

The girl 2 treadmills down kept looking at me too.

Was I lipping my music too loudly?

There’s always that fear too that a little toot will break free.

Hee hee.

It happens.

Just ask the guy next to me a few nights ago. I think he'd eaten a combo of garbage, dirty diapers, and garlic for dinner.

I bought some new running pants.

Because I’m every bit the athlete now.

Sure, it’s only been 3 weeks and 10 (8) lbs, but I’m feeling it.

My pants are wicking pants. They “wick” the moisture away from the bod. I wonder if that will hurt or help when I get going too fast and piddle a little?

Gosh, way too much truth in this post tonight.

Hey…look at this.

 Doesn’t that kick arse?

If you don’t understand it (or don't care to read it), let me just give you the abbreviated version of what all that data is saying.

It says I rock.

It says I will be a smokin’ hottie in no time.

Maybe before my 34th birthday?

Well, I’m off here for now. I’m “cheating” a little tonight and having a glass of wine.

Gonna catch up on some much needed hang time with the honey.

Until next time…
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