Monday, March 21, 2011

I Hate [My] Big Butt(s) and I Cannot Lie

Last night was my second time to the gym. I'm on a roll, HAHA.

40 minutes on the treadmill, another 2.3 miles and 200 odd calories burned. Feels good.

Afterward I sat in the steam room. It was nice. I just envisioned sweating out all the daily grind crap. All the stresses. All the sickness that has been coursing through our house for the past few weeks. All the stress. All the annoyances.

And I sang along with my MP3.

Luckily, I was alone in there.

Yesterday I also logged on to somne of the top weight loss programs to compare and see if I wanted to give any of them a try. One in particular offers a BMI calculation based on your height, weight and gender. I knew mine was going to be pretty ugly, but I dutifully typed in my info and held my breath as I hit enter.

Here's my result:

What a blow.

It might as well have looked like this:

But it actually has empoweered me to get off said fat ass and get this party started. I am very close to signing on with one of the leading systems, but I have some questions first. I'll report back, as I'm SURE you are waiting with baited breath for my decision.

Next gym stop: Hip Hop class tonight. This should be a sight. I'm really coordinated in my head, but that doesn't always translate to real life, so I'm anxious to see how this all goes down. If I could get video, I would, but I wouldn't want to exploit the other dancers. Yeah, that's it...the other dancers.
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