Tuesday, March 29, 2011

'D' Day-Time To Weigh In

This is it.

Today is weigh in day.

My first since starting Jenny Craig.

I'm expecting good things.

But also being realistic.

-25 lbs is pretty realistic, right?

Feels like I should be down 100 by how hungry I've been.

I don't want to knock the meals because they ARE proportionate to how we all SHOULD be eating (remember that whole " a serving is the size of your fist" thing you've probably heard? Turns out it's TRUE! Much to my chagrin.)

They are also REALLY good. There just isn't enough of it!

We made two stops on our grocery shopping trip yesterday.

(Target) for the kids.

Stuff for their lunches/snacks: Cheez-its, pretzels, cookies, and a treat of M&M's at the checkout.

Then we stopped for "my" stuff.

Raddichio, spinach leaves, a cucumber, carrots, and lettuce.


I almost burst into tears at the checkout when I picked up the bag of honey wheat pretzels. I took a deep sniff of the package.

No joke.

Joe felt so bad that he surprised me with a Diet Dr. Pepper as a "treat." =)

I may be the whiniest person on this diet ever. (No need to chime in about that.)

The girl at Jenny said that lots of people say, "I was so full I didn't even eat my snack!"

Bull s*@#!

I don't know how anyone can be "so full" from 7 chow mein noodles, 2 flourettes of broccoli and a few peppers.

But maybe that's just me.

Their dessert is my idea of a warm-up.

BUUUUUUUT...I know it's necessary. If I had watched my portion sizes before, I wouldn't be getting tortured now.

And I can't wait until 20 weeks down the road when I am at the weight I want to be.

And my back doesn't lock up if I turn the wrong way too quickly.

And small children no longer mistake my jolly belly for Santa's.

And no one askes me when I'm "due."

And let's talk about how many veggies are recommended with Jenny...

I am not a fan of veggies. Or salad.

So you can imagine the challenge this poses for me.

Maybe, maybe if it was dipped in chocolate, I'd find it appealing.

Can I get an amen?

I know...defeats the point.

And that many veggies is actually a detriment to other people's health....

like the poor guy behind me when I'm on the treadmill. If you catch my drift (which, unfortunately, I'm sure he did...)

Joe isn't sure if he's in the room with me or a truck driver.

But enough of that...I have to run. It's time for my three flakes of bran cereal garnished with 2 cranberries and a drop of milk.
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