Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's been a while since I dropped the ugly bomb about Joe losing his job. It's been crazy-needless to say. We're back in full swing of kindergarten, preschool, baby poop, and sleepless nights. The good news? Joe found another job. Yay! The better news? It has amazing benefits, long-term stability and potential for growth, and...*wait for it*.... quality of life. When he's done for the day (at a predetermined time) he...comes home.

Did you catch that?

I said he comes home when his shift ends.

He doesn't leave in the morning and say he has no clue when he'll be home. Instead, the other day, his shift ended at 3:00. He called me at 3:02. No joke.

Fingers crossed that this continues on. It's still tentative and could go either way, but hopefully it's here to stay!

And on to other news...isn't the weather today gorgeous? Driving with the windows down and good music cranked up does soooooo much for raising my spirits.

Hopefully I will soon find the energy and time to blog more. I miss it. And, hopefully I'm missed! =)
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