Friday, October 8, 2010

I Think *GASP* I Might Be "Done"...Maybe. I Dunno.

I have had this irresistable urge all day to blog...but I have NOTHING to say.

Too bad for all of you I'm going to say it anyway, =)

This pregnancy has been hard for me. I say this delicately because it's been a cakewalk compared to so many of my friends who have had horrible pregnancies. You know-where they're puking every 5 seconds, dehydrated, time spent in the hospital, at-home IV's to keep hydrated, pre-term labor, having the cervix stitched shut to keep the baby in longer...and that's just ONE of my friend's issues!

We got to see the baby on ultrasound again the other day. It became suddenly apparent why I am experiencing so much discomfort--she was poker straight. I mean, straight-as-a-needle straight as she could be. Her little toes were jammed into my ribs-and I got to see it all! It was so cool.

I've also gotten the worst case of acne I've EVER had, Yes, teenage years, notwithstanding, I have NEVER had acne so bad. It's all over my neck, back and shoulders. You getting the visual?

Then there's that sciatic pain...the pain that feels like someone stabbed me in the a$$ every time I sit wrong, stand up, or lay too long on one side. It's gotten to the point now that when I stand up from sitting on the floor (to change diapers, etc) and I scream out in pain, my kids don't even flinch anymore. They just say, "Your bum hurts because you have a baby in your belly?" That's right kids.

That and a uterus that's being held together by scotch tape and a prayer after 5 babies in 5 1/2 years.

You may know that I've said I have a hard time saying "we're done." But apparently my body has no such qualms. I don't know how Michelle Duggar does it. She must use bungie straps to hold her girl parts together after 19 babies in 20 years.

And let's not even begin discussing the bladder issues--or the fact that the dam just ain't holdin' anymore, if you know what I mean. A sneeze, a cough, a good chuckle, heck even carrying the baby upstairs right now is enough to weaken the muscles of my bladder and make me piddle. I'm worse than E during potty training. I should be the one wearing plastic pants.

But it's such a beautiful thing. That's a mixture of sarcasm and genuine sentiment. Of course I love my babies. Of course I am thrilled that I am able to have babies when so many can't. And of COURSE I love wearing elastic waisted pants with zero insecurity. BUT, this ole girl has had enough. Joe's had the doc on speed dial, just waiting to schedule the "snip" since baby #2. It's been ME holding us back. But now, I am alllllmost ready to say the word. The 'V' word. It's his counterpart to me having gone through pregnancy, labor & delivery 5 times.

And, on that note I think it's time to say goodnight. I just had an ice cube, and as you preggo ladies know, that's enough to make you feel like you haven't peed in weeks...
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