Sunday, July 11, 2010

While I'm On My Soap Box...

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I've discovered a few things about myself the past few days. Actually, I think I've always known this, but it's just become more apparent.

I've come to the conclusion that not everyone responds the same as me in any given situation (rocket science, right?) That may sound so simple and obvious, but it still never ceases to amaze me how selfish and thoughtless some people can be. Where I give to the point of it being at my own expense at times (although hardly perfectly in every situation), I see just as much of others who give only up until it becomes an inconvenience to them. Which is better? I'm sure there's an in-between there, but I can't stand to see this sense of entitlement that some carry around, this "the world owes me" attitude. It usually goes hand-in-hand with the "bending the rules is okay as long as no one finds out" mentality or, my favorite, "a little white lie doesn't hurt anyone."

Maybe I'm just a strange breed. Maybe I'm just from a different mold. I actually believe in reaching out, giving even if it's an incovenience at times, telling the truth, and trying to actually live the Golden Rule. I hope my kids will carry on those same "strange" characteristics. I think we'd be in a whole better place as a world and as a community if we embraced these types of platitudes a little more, myself included, as Lord knows I'm faaaaaaar from perfect. Not "what's in it for me?" but "What can I do?"
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