Monday, July 26, 2010

Project Mom Casting Call?

Me-in all my daily glory
I just stumbled upon this by watching one of my all-time faves Lori at . I watched a couple other auditions and immediately my juices got to flowin thinking about the idea of entering. And then the sweat got to flowin because I always chicken out of things like that. I talk myself right out of it. Who needs a heckler in the audience when I have the voice in my head?

The idea of this casting call (I think) is to pick a mom (or moms? I'm not very good at reading the fine print) to make a show about. Pardon me if I just totally butchered the entire premise of the contest. "They" are looking for a mom who blogs. Okay, I fit the bill, even though I have taken a little snooze of late on the funny posts.

I think there may be a tiny problem, though. One look into my daily life and it may switch from a documentary type show on blogging moms to an episode of Intervention or Super Nanny. No drugs or alcohol here, just plain craziness and insanity. I mean, I'm hardly sitting in the corner talking to myself and drooling, but it can get pretty hairy. Who wants to see that? Who wants to see me in my sweats cleaning up E's pee off the hardwood for the umpteenth time, picking up the playroom...again, or repeating the same handful of phrases I repeat on a daily (hourly?) basis: "No hitting" "Share!" "Put your pee pee away" "STOP YELLING!" and "Please get off your brother's head!" Would you tune in for that? Actually, maybe you would. It might make your daily craziness seem completely sane and logical. =) I guess we all have a part to play, right?

If I were to take the leap, what would I do for my audition? Should I keep it real and have the day-old makeup smeared under my eyes, the rat's nest pony tail, and the inevitable booger on my shoulder? Should I glam up and pretend I always look so fab? Should I let E be in the background yelling at me to give her a bottle and R with his customary hand down the pants? Should I have a maid come in so I can give the illusion that my house is always clean? Nah, that's getting a bit ridiculous. I'll just go to my friend's house--it's always immaculate.

What do you think? Is a show about a blogging mom one you would watch? I know what my bloggy mom friends would say!
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