Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Down In The Dumps

Ever had one of those times where it feels like for every step forward you take, you get knocked back 10? I am right now.

I'm so happy because classes have officially ended for me in the bachelors program. Super exciting! It's only been 15 years in the making. Grad classes start at the end of this month!

And then Joe and I found the house of our dreams. It's perfect (aside from the tiny fact that it's next door to a funeral home, but we'll overlook that...) It has huge rooms, old charm, amazing woodwork, a huge yard, an out-of-this-world kitchen, and is mere steps from good friends...really we couldn't have hand picked a better place. It's about 100 years old so the history is awesome (and I choose not to think any of that history is sticking around inside those 4 walls, if you know what I mean...) The downside? This freakin economy. The housing crisis which still exists to be a pain in my arse.

Long story short...banks are incredibly hesitant (READ: scared) to loan money to anyone short of a perfect FICO score. If they do choose to loan money, you need almost the entire purchase price down at closing. If we had that kind of money, we would buy the house outright. Obviously I'm embellishing a bit. Out of frustration. There are so many balls to juggle when selling and buying a house. First, we have no idea how long our house will take to sell. Could be a week (or 2 weeks like our last house) or it could be a year (yikes!) We can't exactly keep a seller up in the air waiting for our house to sell.

So what's the answer? Sell the house and rent until we find a house? Most places around here that would fit a family of 6 (soon to be 7) are just as expensive as mortgage--or more so! SO, has anyone out there done this before? Found a house they truly love and so many obstacles stand in the way? Let me know your story. I need some encouragement!

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