Thursday, July 15, 2010

"And In This Corner..." Do You Fight Fair?

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Not too much going on around here (said somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as there's always something going on here...) I've finished school for now, and I find myself with a little extra time and "nothing" to do with myself (ignoring, of course, the mounds of laundry, the dirty dishes, pieces of bread and butter the baby threw on the floor at lunch, and the congealed pee my 4 and 5 year old boys left on the bathroom floor--who needs air freshener when we have organic "Urine Bouquet"?) so here I sit ticker-tapping on my keyboard.

I miss you all.

I haven't been really present on the ole' blog for quite some time. When I re-read recent posts, I grimace and think "oh my gosh...I am so bitter." Not really. Okay, not all the time, but lately I tend to be missing the humor in most things and focusing on the frustrating. I like to say, "Really, I'm not a whiny person..." but I guess I kind of am. Ew.

Just ask Joe. He'll tell you. Ha Ha Ha. [nervous laugh]


Speaking of your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/significant other like this?

Joe and I can be in the middle of the worst knock-down-drag-out battle royale of the century, complete with yelling, name-calling, and references to hurts caused by the other during the Reagan administration, when Joe can walk out of the room (which leaves me fuming, of course) and then walk back in and pretend like nothing is wrong. How does that happen?? I stew. I plot. I think about my next comeback and may even [possibly] goad him into a certain subject just so that I can spring the little number on him. And if he gets a zinger on me? Well, naturally, I cry. As much as I hate it, I'm emotional and crying happens. Even when I am so peeved that I could squeeze coal into a diamond, tears spring up. It's infuriating. It only makes me madder,which- you guessed it-only makes me cry more.

It's about this time when Joe says, "Oh, what? You're crying?" Said with a little disgust.

And then it's on.

He pushes my buttons. I push his. All buttons are pushed. Family members are discussed. Ugliness takes place. Dishes may or may not be broken. Then, we go our separate ways to sulk.

Aaaaaaaand in about 60 minutes we reconvene and watch a movie.

We do often discuss again and go over the finer points--bullets, if you will--of the earlier argument so that we can hash it out with less emotion, but then we watch a good flick. And then we laugh about how ridiculous we are. Because, boy are we! Not like Jerry Springer, dysfunctional, but dysfunctional nonetheless. We are a picture of dysfunction that is functional, if that makes any sense.

What about you? How do you fight? Do you fight fair? Do you lump every issue including the kitchen sink into your arguments? Please tell me you break things too others handle their anger in an improper fashion at times too so that I don't feel totally out of control. I mean, I've never actually thrown things at Joe. Well, I mean, except that one time,, never mind. That's too long to get into. And possibly too incriminating.
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