Monday, July 12, 2010

About Last Night...

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Last night was one of those crazy, sleepless nights that families have from time to time. Unfortunately, we have them pretty often. We usually have at least 1 of our kids in bed with us every night, from about midnight on. We hear them tip toe in the room and then a whispered, "Mommy!" or "Daddy!" Thankfully we have a king-sized bed, so we fit [somewhat] comfortably.

Last night was a douzy.

First was L (4 yr old) who came in to snuggle with daddy. That's pretty typical. Next, M (1 yr old) woke up crying which is NOT typical. We think he has some teeth coming in. I lazily sent Joe in to handle the situation, but after 5 minutes of hearing the crying get worse, and my sideline coaching "Just give him a bottle! Change him!" wasn't working, I got up and went to see for myself. We brought him in bed with us only to have him think it was play time and crawl all over the place. His giggling, while cute, isn't what I want to hear at 4 AM.

We put him in the pack & play in our room, but he kept standing up and grabbing Joe's feet. Once he fell over and cried more. We decided enough was enough and put him back in his own room. He kept crying. That woke up R (5 yr old) who came into bed with us. L decided he'd had enough and went back to his own bed. It was at this moment that E (2 yr old) woke up and cried for daddy. Into bed with us she came.

Finally, we all drifted off to a fitful sleep.

I wish we had video I could play in fast forward with some crazy old movie style music for you. But then, you'd have to see the unflattering pajamas I wear to bed.

And the truth is...I know this time will be over all too soon and I will wish I had them all home snuggled in my bed again. I'm enjoying it while I can!
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