Sunday, June 6, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday? (NANANANANA) It's My Birthday Too!

So, yes, 33 years ago today I entered this world. I don't remember much of it, but from what I've heard, it was a stressful and almost fatal ordeal.

Today has been great. We started the day with church, then brunch with my in-laws and then a loooong, glorious nap. *sigh* The stuff dreams are made of (at least in my world.)

My parents called and sang Happy Birthday, as they have every year. =)

After dinner, I served up the cake my mother-in-law made for me (FunFetti with yummy pink frosting!) and ice cream. The kids sang Happy Birthday (all off key. It was beautiful!) and we dug in. So sweet.

Unfortunately, Joe had to work tonight. We missed him,  but he gave me the most beautiful card and a balloon. Greatest guy EVER!

Facebook singlehandedly stunned me with all of the friend birthday wishes! I felt like such a celebrity today!

I can't believe how much I've changed in these 33 years. Can't imagine who I'll be in the next 33!

Thank you to everyone who has been and is in my life. You make me who I am. The good. The bad. And the ugly! HAHAHA!

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