Monday, June 21, 2010

My Day of Halves

I'm running into the problem that so many bloggers do...the things I most want to blog about I can't for fear the subject of my rant blog is a reader! Arrrgh! (Now I'll have all of my friends and family scratching their heads windering if I'm talking about them!)

The things I have been encountering on a daily basis are things that we all experience and talk about in our mom circles...the things that drive us bonkers. The things that we roll our eyes about and nod at one another as if to say, "Uh huh, I know. Insane" or "Seriously?!"

And I can't talk about it here!

What I can talk about is my day of "halves" the other day. I went to a seminar with my friend. The speaker was a good frined of hers and he was speaking on something that interests me. There was no fee and free childcare. Sign me up! I unloaded all 4 kiddos in the nursery where 2 very nice ladies played with them and assured me they would have a great time. I made myself a wonderful plate of fresh fruit salad and grabbed a yummy cup of juice before settling in, ready to be engaged. I made it all the way through the opening segment and had just arrived at the workshop--the meat of the entire talk--when I saw my daughter's round little face and curls poke around the corner. She was melting down. I had to leave the room with her because she has no idea what "quiet" or "whisper" means. Consequently, I missed the entire second half of the seminar.

Me and E.
Afterward, my friend and I went to my husband's restaurant for lunch. We were settled in a quiet back room-just us-- and ordered up an awesome lunch of tortellini and a side of fries (the baby wanted it! I'm blaming it totally on pregnancy hormones) when E started acting up again. She was tantruming and whining and basically driving me crazy. Finally, I got her to sit on my lap and eat with me when our food arrived. She was munching away on her 1000 grapes, my tortellini and her bread. I was feeding my face as best I could with one hand as well and everyone was happy.

Until E puked all over the front of herself, me, and the floor. It was unbelieveable. She was like Old Faithful. It. Just. Wouldn't. Stop! I did my best to cover her face with a napkin to shield her from the other 2 diners who had just been seated in our "private" section. I think she must have heaved at least 5 times. I didn't know she had even eaten some of the stuff that came back up.

I frantically calmly had my friend flag down my husband just as our server came back to see if we needed anything. Poor guy. Imagine his suprise when I asked for several towels and he got a load (and a whif!) of the both of us! Joe brought me a chef's coat that I changed into so I could make it out of the restaurant. I did my best to clean up, but I fear that place needs a professional steam cleaning now. And I looked longingly at my lunch--half finished. The funny thing about all of this? Immediately when her retching finished, she started in on my french fries and told everyone within earshot, "Guess what? I frew up on my shirt!" There she sat, naked except for a diaper, with only a napkin around her little shoulders. I didn't think to bring her a change of clothes. I thought she was past that stage. Another lesson learned!

I planned a nap when I got home, but because there was horrible traffic, everyone fell asleep in the car and I worried they wouldn't sleep when we got home. I needn't have worried, though since everyone crashed for at least 2 hours. R (our 5 year old) slept from 4:00PM until the next morning at 6! I was surprised thinking his sleepover the night before must have really wiped him out--until later that day when he threw up all over the living room floor..twice. So apparently we had like a 15 minute bug in our house. How weird!

What has been going on in your life lately? What kinds of things would you blog about if you were anonymous?
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