Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Country Heard From

So where the heck have I been?

I'll tell you. I've been here, at home, up to my neck in babies and poop. So, the usual.

But I've recently added a 6 month old to the crew. I'm babysitting.

And yes, I AM crazy.

Sooooooo, I now have my 4 (constantly) and one extra Monday through Friday and I think I'm definitely losing my mind. More accurately, I think it's already gone.

I'm really kicking my own butt to get this Macaroni Kid venture going and it's taking off. It's very exciting. Not to mention that I went to my first networking group meeting tonight. I was giddy with the joy of being away from the house without the kiddos. So giddy that I almost overlooked the booger on the front of my blouse the entire evening. *sigh* Kids.

I took all 4 crazies with me shopping the other day. We went to our usual stomping grounds: Target. As I was perusing some of the racks, I heard my boys giggling like school girls and when I looked behind me to see what all the commotion was about, what do I see? Oh, only my two sons standing in front of the full length mirror with their pee-pees hanging out. I'm so proud. I'm merely stock-piling all of these stories for one glorious day when I unleash them for full humiliation. Such is the job of a mom. Paybacks, kids. Paybacks.

I've missed you all. I'm sorry I've been missing in action. Although, by the looks of my stats, you all continue to check in and read. Thank you for that! It does wonders for my desire to keep writing.

Wish me luck now. I'm off to write a paper and it is THE last thing I want to do. Hopefully there won't be such a long span until my next post...
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