Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jus Chewin The Fat

This is a little bit of randomness just to clear the ole pipes of my mind. So much and a whole lot of nothing going on lately. Joe is a working madman. The kids are being their crazy, adorable, maddening selves, and I am skating by dangling by a precarious, slippery, fraying thread at times, but still holdin' on.

I was totally and utterly overwhelmed and warmed by all of the wonderful comments on my last post. Really, thank you all so much! I heart you all!

Now, for an abrupt change of subjects...

Do you ever have one of those moments where, in the course of your day, you feel like, "I got this. This being a mom gig. I got this down." I did yesterday. I don't even know why. I guess cuz the day was going by relatively smoothly and no major mishaps occurred. I found myself flipping my perfectly browned grilled cheese sandwiches and thinking, "I'm the sh*t. I got this."

NOTE TO SELF: The next time I feel even the slightest hint of that superiority complex, I need to beat myself in the head with a frying pan because placing myself up on that pedestal only opens myself up for a harder, further fall. And it was only mere seconds later that it happened. It was that horrible Linda Blair again. I hate that B. She just takes over my head and makes me act all kinds of crazy--and she comes from out of nowhere! I'm blaming it on the pregnancy hormones despite the fact that this has been going on since long before the pregnancy.

Another abrupt change of subject...

I heard 2 separate stories on the news last night about girls in my area being kidnapped/running away with people they met online on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. One girl was 14 and the other 17. WTH? The 14 year old was taken by a man from my area when he drove hours out of his way to meet her, brought her back to his house. Raped her. Wouldn't feed her, kept her against her will for a day and a half and then drove her all the way back home.

The second girl, the 17 year old, told her dad she was going to a girlfriend's house for the weekend. She never came home, so her dad went to her school on Monday to see if she showed up at school--which she didn't--and then received an alarming text from her (the news didn't release what the text actualy said.) As you may have guessed, this girl didn't go to her girlfriend's house at all. Her Facebook page said she was with a "friend" who was male. Soooooo, she obviously lied to her dad and now is God knows where with God knows who.

This is a wake up call for me. I so hope to build that kind of relationship with my kids where they feel they can tell me anything.

What do you think about social netwroking sites and teens? Is there a fault or someone to "blame"? The parents? The kids? The social netwroking sites? I'm interested to hear others' thoughts.
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