Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother Of The Year...Um, Hardly

It has been CRAZY here lately. Just insane.

We've had some MAJOR news that has seriously rocked our world (more to follow about that later) and Joe has been working like a madman. We're talking 6 days, 12-14 hours a day. No fun.

Today I trekked to church. With the kids. By myself.
That it itself isn't really a huge deal. I take them by myself all the time. The surprise was when we arrived early. That's right....early. (For those who know me well, you know what a monumental task that is.)

We waltzed into church, head held high, rather than my usual frantic pushing the stroller at warp speed with kids holding on for dear life and tripping over the wheels.

I breezed the kids to their classrooms, took a phone call, and even hung a Macaroni Kid sign up sheet on the nursery bulletin board before making my way to church.

Afterward, I gathered the kids. Tried to visit with several people that I only get to see about once a week, but to no avail. The kids were like convicts on parole. They were wrestling in the aisle, getting fingers pinched in doors, blocking traffic, and being overall nuisances--you know, acting their ages.

I loaded them all in the car, made sure they were all buckled and then set off for home. It all went so smoothly, I couldn't believe it.

Once we arrived at home and I got everyone inside and started preparing lunch, it was a different story. It was like someone flipped a switch. My switch.

I swear I channeled Linda Blair and my head spun around. I yelled right in R's face when he wouldn't stop tantruming over something ridiculous (Oh the irony, right?) I threatened to spank L because he got out of bed to poop. (Really? Since when do we need permission to answer the call of nature?) and nearly vomitted pea soup over the phone when Joe told me his schedule is only going to get worse this week (Is that even freakin possible?--the schedule thing, not the pea soup.)

Then, to top it off, as I was giving R a diatribe about how throwing a tantrum and acting so ridiculous was, well, ridiculous, I noticed that I could see right up the leg of his shorts...where he obviously wasn't wearing underpants. Then it dawned on me that I had told him this morning that I would get him a clean pair from the laundry room--and apparently forgot to. I hadn't noticed until that moment. I hope his teachers hadn't either.

That was my dose of humility.

So, how was your day?
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