Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Like CREAMED corn? CREAM of wheat?

My little R is getting so big. He just turned 5 and tomorrow we take him for his "readiness" testing for kindergarten.

Pardon my sobbing, I'm just not ready for this monumental life change just yet.

I worry that he's ready, that he's mature enough.

Things like what he told me in the car the other day worry me...but moms of boys probably know exactly what I'm talking about...

I caught R doing a quick swipe and bite movement that involved his index finger, his nose, and his mouth. I'll allow you to draw whatever conclusions you'd like.

I said, "Ew, don't do that, it's gross!" And he said, "But I like them..."

I replied, "You LIKE them? Why?!"

And...are you ready for this?...he said, "Because they're creamy."

Could that be any more disgusting?

I'm packing that one away for the first date or the first prom, etc.

I will also NO LONGER be offended when he prefers to kiss me on the cheek over the lips.
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