Friday, May 14, 2010

Help From My Bloggy Friends?

Hello all! I am coming to you today unabashedly asking begging for your help.

I signed on to be a Macaroni Kid Publishing Mom last month and I am SO glad I did.

I get to be a part of an awesome community of [mostly] moms who help one another out and enjoy writing.

What is a Macaroni Kid Publishing Mom (PM), you ask?

Well.....I search for, compile, and categorize the family-friendly events in my particular area. That way other families don't have to search high and low like I am.

Then, I send all of this info out in a weekly email newsletter to my subscribers.

The cool part--I get to do a lot of my own writing too. I get to write articles about stuff that interests me and what I think will interest other moms/families too.

There is ad space available in my newsletter as well. The beauty? I get to set the prices and keep every penny! $$$

I can also barter for services such as discounted or FREE classes for my kids at various places. For website/blog badges or printing stuff like flyers or business cards in exchange for ad space. It's really left to my discretion.

And. I. Am. SO. Excited!!!

So, what do I need your help with???

I need subscribers!!!!!!!!!

The more subscribers, the more attractive I am to advertisers.

And, yes, it is a "LOCAL" newsletter, but the articles and recipes are universal. I try to focus on things that affect us all as parents regardles of where we live. Things like car seat safety, raising daughters of integrity with strong moral character, stress, etc.'s where you all come in. If you are interested in reading more of what I have to say (and who isn't , really, right? Ha! Ha!) simply CLICK HERE to subscribe to my weekely e-newlsetter. It's FREE. All I need is your email.

And if you help me out by subscribing...hugs all around! =)

Wanna find out more about becoming a PM? Then CLICK HERE.

Wanna see what the newsletter looks like (and see one of my bloggy BFF's who is spotlighted in the first article? Then CLICK HERE!

And, thank you!!!! I so appreciate you all helping make it possible for me to stay home with my babies and still contribute financially.

And my babies thank you too.

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