Thursday, May 13, 2010

Caillou Is Dead

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If you have a preschooler in your house (or had one in the recent past) you know who Caillou is (Pronounced Kye-oo). You also know that Caillou is a cartoon favorite on Sprout TV.

My kids watch this show ad nauseum. E can be unseen and unheard from for as long as an hour while her fave Caillou episodes are on.

I got curious, so I googled the actor who does the voice of Caillou. To my complete and utter horror, I learned that the actress, Jaclyn Linetsky, who voiced Caillou died in a car accident in 2003.

I don't know why, but it's staying with me. Caillou is like a part of our family (we love that bald little guy!) and so learning of his (sorta) death is sad.

If you're ever bored (and what mom is, really?) Google some other kid show voices.

My kids used to watch Big, Big World on PBS. The voice of Snook always made my husband and I picture a long-haired guy smoking a bong. Here's what I found when I Googled him:

Peter Linz of Big Big World

I certainly don't want to draw unfounded conclusions, but it doesn't look like we were far off.
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