Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Things have been (thankfully) quiet in our neck of the woods lately.

I love that summer is almost here. I've been able to open the windows and let the beautiful breeze's so relaxing.

Not to mention it does wonders to take away the ever-present scent of poop in our house. (*Smelly Diaper Pic compliments of Google images)

It seems like what felt like time dragging on (having 4 little kids so young and in constant need of my attention) is quickly speeding up and I am running after it begging it to slow down. R starts kindergarten this year. L is headed to preschool. E is talking more and more like a teenager every day instead of the 2 year-old she is. M pulled himself up to standing tonight and turns 1 in a mere 2 months. Enough!

It's so crazy. We are definitely leaving one phase of life and entering another. I am so freakin sentimental that it's almost killing me. I can't help's just who I am. I am wrapped up in nostalgia and emotion. It seems like I spent so much of my days just making it from A to B and on to Z that I didn't really slow down and enjoy the time I had.

We are so quick to tell expectant moms to savor all the things they can do before the baby gets here, but what about the things that can only be done when the baby is young?

Like lazing the day away with a sleeping baby on your chest while you watch a movie or cuddling in bed with a newborn next to you? Oh how I miss those times.

I remember when R was born thinking that it was impossible to get anything done. I struggled to maintain the house, feed him on time, and try to look presentable when Joe got home. Now I look back at that frazzled girl and I want to laugh. Or slap her. How ridiculous! (Although, I know that your first baby is waaaaay harder than any others (at least for me) simply because there is no point of reference.

Now I realize that when R starts kindergarten I will NEVER AGAIN be the sole influence on his life. I may still be the primary influence, but there will be SO MANY MORE who will make an impression on him, and that saddens me and--if I may be so honest--scares me to death.

Granted, not ALL of my influence is stellar. For example, the other day R was playing a video game and told me the robots in his game were "friggin irritating." Not one of my prouder moments. Really have to watch what comes out of my pie hole when road rage sets in.

Yeah, yeah, I know...I need to celebrate the new phases and enjoy where I am right now instead of always looking at yesterday. I heard that lecture from Mama Bear on an episode of the Berenstain Bears the other day. someone like myself who literally tears up at commercials, that is a monumental task.

This thing called being a mom is killing me.

Make no is EASILY the most blessed and wonderful thing that has EVER happened to me...but I am such a mess about it sometimes!

You know that saying, "The days and hours are long, but the years are short"? Yeah.


I leave you with a little pictorial trip down memory lane. It's R through the years. Excuse my while I grab a tissue...

The day he was born

His first birthday...I had L two weeks later!

Him at age 2. I entered this in a Gap Kids photo contest. Do you believe he wasn't chosen??

Here he is at 3, already showing signs that he thinks Mommy has cooties.

Here he is last May on his birthday. He turned 4. Gosh. It's all such a blur...

Thanks for joining me on that trip.


  1. Don't forget to add the 5 yr pic. Can't believe he is so big either. I teared up a bit, I must say. It seems like just yesterday I took that pic of the three of you at his 1st B Day. Miss you all.

  2. My oldest girl is starting kindy this year too I am excited for her but so sad that time has gone by so fast. I can't believe my baby turned 3 this February. When you are in the moment it seems that times will never change, but one day you just look around and say Whoa! How did we get here? It is bittersweet.
    My oldest just turned 10 and this next school year he will be in 5th grade and I have no idea how it happened!

  3. My son is going to kindergarten this fall too! He just turned 5 in March - I was very sentimental about his birthday! I don't know how I will handle anymore birthdays. I was just telling my husband last night that I am happy to see Connor growing up, and being more independent, but that means he needs me, his mommy less and less! Oh, the joys and sorrows of being a mom!! Time sure does fly by and it is really hard to savor every moment.

  4. Everyone says you'll blink and they'll be teenagers. Sometimes it is all we can do to hold on to get through the day when we have little ones. And that's okay. I bet you're the type of mom who does savor the moment. Don't get caught up in how you're going to feel when such-and-such happens - it won't be like you thought, anyway! And my oldest is in kindergarten now and I know we're still the #1 influence on his life - even though I heard him say something about getting hit in the nuts and I'm all WHO TOLD YOU THAT?!?! I knew we should never have let him play Little League! If we could just keep them away from other kids, it'd be smooth sailing! lol

  5. Awww this really made me tear up....awwwww.....

  6. These are things that drive me crazy all the time. Before I had my third I would watch old videos of the first two as babies and think 'where did the time go'. Six years later I had my third and I said right from the get-go that I would really try to cherish everything this time and not keep waiting for the next step. Mom's always seem to be thinking one step ahead, you know, 'when they crawl', 'when they start kindergarten'. I stopped that with my third and started living in the moment. Time goes by way too fast. Some country songs are really good at making you realize this!

  7. I was teary eyed before I even got to the pictures. I don't know you at all, but seeing your son grow I'm reminded that Ella Grace will be there before I know it and like you I need to remember to live in the time I'm in now. Those early mid morning snuggles and middle of the night feedings are each a once in a lifetime moment. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy them.

  8. I will be right there with you, my son will be starting kindergarten this fall. The not knowing what is going on and how he is really doing I think is going to drive me crazy :)

  9. Hey! I'm a fellow commercial crier. I cried for every single one of the mom commercials during the olympics almost every. single. time.

    You know, if we weren't sentimental and look to the past, we might not know to appreciate the present and the days to come so much.

    I have a 10 month old, too! He is going to be 1 soon and I cannot believe how fast the time flew by! Incredible! and I thought it went by fast with our first!

    I Love cuddling with my kiddos. Does your kindergartner still like cuddling? I feel like before the baby was born, I used to lay and hold and hug my daughter all the time. Now, she thinks it's cute to push me away and she seems to appreciate her own space a lot more.

    Followed you over from our etiquette discussion on Sits!


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