Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Snippets

I don't really have a full post today, so just gonna throw some stuff your way and see what you think about some of it...

*I just signed on to be a Macaroni Kid Publishing Mom. What's that? you ask (or who cares? We can be honest...) Wellllllll, it's a nationally recognized newsletter for parents in different areas of the country about the kiddie related events happening there. I'll include articles that are pertinent as well as sell ad space for local businesses which are kid friendly. How cool is that????! I'm so excited. If you live in my area and want to consider putting an ad in my newsletter...lemme know. The newsletter goes out a minimum of 40 times a year! This could be a GREAT way for me to make some extra money so I can continue to stay home with my babies and help other parents in the process!

*Just finished my whirlwind mini-makeover with highlights in my hair. Love them! I feel so much better with a lighter color next to my face. The past week has been so good for my self-esteem...and thusly for my marriage!

*I have a suggestion for restaurants...and I want FULL credit for this one, so if anyone chooses to use it,  beware that my posts are copyrighted! =)...I think restaurants should have an area like the Eagle's Nest. Unfamiliar with the Eagle's Nest? Giant Eagle has come up with the ingenious idea of having a childcare facility on site while you shop for your groceries! It is by far the best idea any grocery store has EVER come up with. There is an entire glass wall so you can see what they are doing at all times, and qualified mature adults on staff. So instead of fighting with 4 kids over what to buy, I only have to deal with 2! It cuts my stress by 50%! How great would it be to go out to dinner and drop the kids off at the childcare facility (which is on-site, remember) and eat your dinner in peace while the kids play...and you can see them the whole time? I know that Joe and I would gladly pay a larger tab if it means we get to 1) eat in peace 2) eat a HOT meal for once 3) have an entire conversation without being interrupted by kiddie questions, and 4) enjoy one another's company knowing the kids are having a great time. Seriously, my boys ASK BEG to go to Giant Eagle just so they can play computer games in the Eagle's Nest. Restaurateurs...are you listening?

*And finally...We still don't know exactly what the future holds for R and kindergarten. So many choices...public school, cyber school, homeschool...what to do, what to do? There are pluses to all of them. Just wanna make sure it's the best choice for ALL of us.

So that's my mid-week update. Hope everyone has a great rest of their week. I'm off to wrangle baby M out from under the desk. I think he wants me to play. He keeps ripping the mouse out of my hand by pulling on the cord!

*Macaroni Kid and Giant Eagle trademark rights belong to both companies, respectively.
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