Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hi, My name is Soccer Mom

I officially became a Soccer Mom today. I wear that badge with pride. Today was R's first ever soccer game. Joe is the coach for his team, so it was extra exciting...well as exciting as a game with twelve 4-year-olds chasing the ball up and down the field with NO CLUE how to actually play soccer can be. Ha!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see much (or actually any) of the game since L had to use the potty 3 times and E needed changed. I DID get to see lots of the public restroom, however. That's always a thrill. I will say this...there was no graffiti or obscene messages written anywhere, so that was a plus.

At R's first practice last Wednesday Joe told me that as he had everyone in a huddle, E ran up to them and said hello to everyone. R introduced everyone to her and to L and told them they were his brother and sister. Then he told them that Baby M was with me...and "he came out of my mommy's pee-pee."

Oh crimany...makes me wish I could re-think the whole honesty is best policy I have as far as pregnancy and childbirth. To give some background, one day in the van (which is where we seem to spend so much of our time and have our most philosophical discussions, the kids and I) R asked me how the baby came out of my tummy. I said the doctor helped get him out. He wasn't satisfied and kept asking. So, finally, I decided, "you know what, I'm just gonna address this head on and try to avoid the whole "shocking talk" later in life, so I said that the baby came out of my pee-pee. I also stressed that we only talk about such things at home--NEVER IN PUBLIC.

Who was I kidding?

The first thing R said to my father-in-law the next time we saw him was where M came from. Now, he's educated a team of 4 year-old soccer players. Joe said, luckily, he doesn't think anyone heard him. I don't know if that's true or if it's wishful thinking. Hope I won't be getting any angry parent phone calls about that one.

I also registerd R for kindergarten last week. THAT was a toughie. Especially considering I don't LOVE our school district. I'm still struggling with whether or not to try alternative avenues like private school or homeschooling. I have experience with homeschooling both from helping a family teach and watching my sister homeschool my niece up until 9th grade (and, FYI, my niece graduated high school as a part of the National Honor Society, played sports, was accepted at a prestigious university, and just recently graduated with her bachelors in psychology, so this thinking that only anti-social, weird kids are homeschooled does not hold water with me...) many choices.

I think one of the hardest parts for me about my child going to any school is that the school now lays claim to him as "their own" in a way. While reading the handbook, I noticed that any time I want to take him out of school, I have to send a note requesting to remove him from class. And if we choose to take him on an educational field trip, it can be for no more than a week.


I understand the reasons behind these rules. Really, I do.

But something just doesn't sit right when I have to ask someone else for permission to be with my son between certain hours on certain days of the week.


Time goes by too quickly sometimes.  I'm holding on as tight as I can, but they're growin' up anyway.

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  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today - happy SITS Saturday sharefest to you too. I really like the style of your blog. I totally agree with you, time seems to go by so fast - it sometimes feels hard to just catch a breath, you fear you might miss something monumental if you do!

  2. Hi Mandy,

    Don't let the word "request" throw you off as far as removing your child from public schools. In WV, it's called a letter of intent, you are not asking their permission, you're informing them of what you plan to do with your child. You don't need to "request" permission to educate your child however you choose, it's your legal right to do so as you see fit. (Tomorrow is the big day for us -- we start homeschool with my son. I'll keep you posted!)

  3. Mandy, I was cracking up about the baby comes out of your pee pee story! Ha!

    I am also so torn about registering Avery for kindergarten. I will have to pay about $900 to enroll her in a better district (and I am not really even that excited about the "better" district). I really want to homeschool her, but in reality the stress of homeschooling, caring for three toddlers and managing a home seems really stressful, and I am afraid that if anything is compromised it would be the homeschooling. Gah. Being a mom is so tough.

  4. You sound like you are living a part of my life right now. My 4 year old starts soccer soon and had kindergarten registration today. I can't say though that I told her where babies come from today. Time definitely goes by so quickly. As I was sitting there with my 4 year old today it seemed just yesterday I was sitting there with my almost 13 year old (I know it sounds cliche, but really!) Crazy!

  5. OH I love it - he came out of your "pee-pee"? Now that? Is priceless.

    I find it so funny that you said "Criminy." Do you know that is my favorite word? Very few people say it proving once again that we were meant to be friends. Sometimes I say "Criminy Crow" to which I have no idea where it came from but always makes me feel so much better. I suppose it's better than dropping the "F bomb"...
    I enrolled Savannah in Kindergarten as well and it made my stomach hurt. I get what you are saying 100%!

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  6. Bethany: Please DO keep me posted about your homeschooling experience, I can't wait to hear how it goes. And thank you for the information. I appreciate any clarity I can get on the subject!

    Tyne: That is probably my husband's biggest concern with the idea of homeschooling. I just keep thinking that if it's what God wants me to do for our kids, then He will get me through the day. It IS scary though....I feel overwhelmed with all of those things NOW, so it would take nothing LESS than a miracle to add more to my plate and get it all done!!!

    Dalia: It is so FAST, isn't it??? Honestly, I keep trying to tell myself to "hold on" to every moment. But that gets exhausting!!!

    Natalie: I did NOT know that you say the word Crimany! Crimany Crow? I've never heard of that one, but I may have to give it a whirl. =) YES! We are definitely meant to be friends! Too many crazy similarities! Funny that you struggle with thw hole kindergarten thing too...being that you were a teacher. What about it makes you struggle...just out of curiosity...?


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