Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Mom Who Needs A Hand

This post at Adventures of a Wannabe SupahMommy broke my heart today. I actually live close to her, so I believe every.single.word:

From Supah Mom;

"There's too much heartache in this world.. The stories of cancer and all that it is stealing from our friends and sweet children: are heart wrenching.

I've tried to help everyone I can if ever asked because it's the right thing to do. I have focused efforts on Jaden and the online world has embraced this sweet boy , his family and now his friends Ethan.

All the while I've done this Chief has helped me.. supported me through all of it. Little do you all know..... that she has been helping her OWN sweet friend , quietly and behind the scenes. Her name is R.amona. She is beautiful , she is a friend of Chiefs, she is a mom and she is dying of cancer. It is tragic.

She has SIX young children AND A husband in the military - and she is dying of cancer. She does not have much time left and financially they are absolutely strapped. She has been too proud to have Chief help via her blog- she's even attempted to work small hours but can barely lift a finger to type.

Chief can't help because she made a promise but I can.

She doesn't know me.

Things took a turn for the worse yesterday. Her fight is in vain it seems. Yesterday her skull was removed during a brain surgery to remove a brain clot.. Luckily the clot was on the outskirts of the brain and they will replace her skull as soon as the swelling goes down. She is recovering in ICU as we speak.

This is a mom from Utah just like you and I. It is heartbreaking.

If you have prayers. Bring them on.

This family will need all the help they can get.

If you feel led to donate to help this family - I assure you on my blog name that this is a real person and that the money will go directly to her family. She doesn't need to know that I"ve set out to help her. They cannot make mortgage payments at this point and others are scrambling to help.

If you can- and are financially able .. please help. I know how tough these times are.

If you cannot- your prayers are just as valuable.

If you'd like more info I can certainly provide it.

Thank you all- If this was my family I would pray that someone would help. The Duttine's are cared for at this point. This family is now my focus.

Blogfia time.

Please CLICK HERE to offer any assistance you can. Prayer is JUST AS VALUABLE as financial donations. If you're a blogger, will you please spread the word??




  1. Such a heart breaking story. I am so glad that you re-posted it here, otherwise I might not have read it. On my way now to figure out how I can help.

    Oh, and I see that you are BFF's with Kat. I met her at Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore. Such a fantastic girl. I can see why you two would be connected. ;)

  2. Aww, thanks! I do think Kat is pretty special! And thanks for reading about this family. My heart really does break for them.

  3. How devastating. Starting prayers for this family and I will do a few things when I come back online later to help spread the word.

  4. So sad....being a cancer survivor myself, I know how important the power or prayer can be. The family will be in my thoughts and prayers!


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