Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello, Clothing Manufacturers? I Have A Suggestion For You...

I'd like to thank clothing manufacturers from the bottom of my heart for setting me straight; for putting me back in my place.
Silly me. I had finally convinced myself that it was okay [for now] that not all of the baby weight has come off since M was born (10 months ago!) and that I am "beautiful the way I am." I had finally talked myself into going shopping and parting with some cash for clothes that fit me the size that I am instead of the size that I wish I was (or even...the size that I used to be.)

But clothing sizers,  those beacons of honesty, have firmly put my feet back on earth. Those cargo capris were so adorable on the rack. I congratulated myself for buying the next size up from what looks like it will fit me as we all know that our inner mirror sees us differently than our outer one does. (For pete's sake, my inner mirror tells me I'm still the size 6 I was in high school!)

I was bummed at the mere girth of the cargo's I grabbed off the rack, but I decided it was all worth it if I had something that fit well and made me feel good. Don't you hate when you look at something on the hanger and say, "Wow! That's gonna be HUGE on me!" only to have to squeeze yourself into it like a sausage? Yeah, me too.

Naturally I didn't have time to try on in the store for so many reasons...R was having a melt down and telling me his "tummy didn't want his legs to walk anymore." M was fussing because it was time to eat. E was screaming at me and throwing things out of the cart. Even the "big" handicapped fitting room isn't big enough for all of us, etc... So I bought them and ran home to try them on in the privacy of my own home-under kinder, gentler lighting.

I'm so glad I chose the at-home option so no one heard my shriek of horror and the subsequent sobs of humility.

I should have known by the material that I would not like these cargos on me. The fabric was paper thin. Let's just say they were very unforgiving. The rise was made for someone who has 1) never had a baby (or 4 in 5 years), 2) never eaten an extra calorie, or 3) the genes of Gisele Bundchen. That rise I just mentioned...the one that was probably only a millimeter high...created a lovely muffin top accentuated nicely by a camel toe.

So there I am looking at myself in my outer mirror-hating everything I see.

Now, let's step away for a minute to see if anyone else does what I do. When I try something on that looks unflattering, I tend to over exaggerate my movements to make it look worse. For example, I will slouch to make my gut look bigger and that just makes me angrier. Then I say some very unkind things to myself which may or may not be peppered with some colorful language. I have one friend who flips herself off in the mirror when she tries clothes on. LOVE THAT image...only because I know how she feels!

Then, I get mad, tear the clothes off and throw them around the room. My kids stare at me, unsure what's going on. Little L (my love bug) asks what's wrong to which I reply, "Mommy's fat." Then my 2 year-old daughter M says "Mommy's fat?" and I get upset all over again at her saying I'm fat!

Ha Ha. *sigh* Man I'm nuts.

But yesterday...I went shopping and bought a whole stack of things that I so hope fit and actually look nice.

I have a suggestion for clothing about helping a girl out and inventing post-maternity clothing? You know, clothes that are flattering, yet forgiving and are sized 1-2 sizes smaller than "typical" clothes. (i.e. The pants would be cut as a size 14, but the tag says 10.) It would help immensely to boost a mom's self-esteem. We all know that when you feel good you are more apt to exercise and take care of yourself. I know when I feel my fattest that's when I head to the cupboard. And it sure ain't broccoli I'm lookin' for.

Who's with me? If I had any inkling how to sew, I'd market this myself.

Well, I'm off now to try on that pile of clothes from yesterday. Wish me luck. This could either be a beautiful day or it could all go so terribly wrong...

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  1. Ohhh I so know that feeling and it stinks! I HATE trying on clothes EVER. Past the rise issue my BIG thing now is shirts... I hate buying shirts.. I can either get Big baggy unflattering shirts or shirts that are to small... I just want a nice fitting shirt that is long enough to cover the dreaded muffin top...

  2. You just struck gold here with this idea! Seriously. I'm 14 months postpartum and only now starting to lose the extra weight, not only the baby weight but also the weigh I gained after I had him because "there's not time to work out" and "oh my that extra cupcake looks good". But I'm down 3 pounds this week. Come on by, a group of us are talking about creating a Friday support group, complete with weigh ins and punches to keep each other in line.

    P.S. I do that do, accentuate the faulty parts that already look horrible in the clothes I should have left on the rack, OYE!

  3. Mama 0f 4: Yes, shirts are a struggle right now too. (It all is, actually!) So I understand. It sucks. I am so ready to be past this. Will I ever be???

    Pamela: I will definitely have to check your support group out. Punches? As in physically punching? Ha Ha! Maybe that's whatI need!

  4. its funny because as you posted this, guess what I was doing? Thats right, trying to fit my fat ass into some shorts. Now im home and eating away my sorrows....not good! I guess ill just have to get pregnant again so I have an excuse to buy maternity clothes again! Haaa

  5. Yes! Post-partum! I've finally lost the baby weight 13 months out. However, my hips decided they're not ready to go back into place. At least, that's what I'm telling myself about why things don't seem to fit the way they *should.*

  6. I absolutely hate trying on clothes in the fitting rooms at stores -especially with kids in tow. I almost always bring them home to try them on - then I usually bring them back. My husband thinks I am crazy! I hope your pile of clothes work out for you.

  7. Laughed out loud with "Don't you hate when you look at something on the hanger and say, "Wow! That's gonna be HUGE on me!" only to have to squeeze yourself into it like a sausage? Yeah, me too."

    I have been there waaaaay too many times. I used to adore shopping, yeah, not anymore. I find it utterly depressing but ice cream seems to make me feel better, at least until the next time I shop. Be patient with your body Mandy. You have 4 kiddies and look mighty fine in my always humble opinion! I know what matters is how you feel about your self, but you are lovely just the way you are!

  8. Ah, the dreaded trying on of new clothes. I hate it with a passion and almost never try things on in the store. I need to be somewhere where I can lay down and cry a little when the "wow that's huge" pants don't fit. ;)

  9. Jessica: That is funny. Great minds...

    Cheryl: I had friends tell me once (before I had kids) that the weight shifts and you "wear" it differentky after having children. Boy do I know what they meant now!

    Krystin: I used to work in retail and HATED when women would do that, but now I'm one of them! I apologized to the girl at JCPenney's yesterday when I returned EVERYTHING I bought the day before, buut she got to see firsthand why I can't try on. I had all 4 of the kiddos with me and they were in rare form!

    Lori: Thank you so much friend!! You are a boost to a girl's self-esteem! I'm learning to love meyself, but it sure is hard to buy that bigger size!

    Kelly: I totally understand the crying thing. It's so depressing...until I gave myself permission to finally buy a bigger size. Yes, it's a mental hurdle and it REALLY sucks, but in the end it looked better and I felt better.

  10. Favorite Quote of all time:
    "...only to have to squeeze yourself into it like a sausage? Yeah, me too."

    Second Favorite Quote of all time:
    "For example, I will slouch to make my gut look bigger and that just makes me angrier."

    Least favorite quote: "Mommy's Fat". YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! Love you!


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