Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What the Heck? Wednesday

One of my fave girls The Mommyologist started What the Heck? Wednesday to lament the week's happenings. I'm joinin' in...

Just when we're getting back in our groove and starting to get things done (the office/playroom repaired and painted, kitchen cabinets put on, new carpeting upstairs to replace that carpet that must have been put down in 1865, etc...) BAM! Another freakin automatic withdrawl rears its ugly head! FOR PETE'S SAKE! Sometimes it feels like we can't  take a breath! I used to think accountants for personal accounts and personal assistants were such a I think it's a NECESSITY! I can't keep up!What the Heck?

Remember that pile of laundry I am constantly talking about?:'s still there. In fact, it has invited all of its relatives and they have all taken up residence in our basement. I just can't get a freakin handle on it. I think there was ONE day in my entire life that I had the laundry "caught up." It's enough to make you want to walk around naked for a day so that you can genuinely say that ALL of the laundry is done... What the Heck?

Lastly...why did I take an unexpected break from blogging the past couple of weeks? I missed an entire week's worth of meme's (including What the Heck? Wednesday!!!!!) That alone deserves a huge What the Heck?!

But it's good to be back!

If you wanna play along with What the Heck? Wednesday, link up with all the cool kids at The Mommyologist's blog by clicking here.


  1. Great What the Heck? post!! I am SO with you on the laundry thing. My master bedroom closet looks like an episode of Hoarders. By the time I get it done, there are just a million piles again!

    Thanks for joining me this week!

  2. I accidently started the dryer with the cat in it today....awwww poor girl. She likes to lay on clothes and I guess she discovered the dryer.I just heard a thumping and stopped it really quick. Maybe its not so bad to have a big laundry pile after all!


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