Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My boy Todd at The Spare Tire

I have been scrambling to get this blog up and running after changing my address and template. It has been no easy task for someone as technologically challenged as myself. I know so little about web design and even less about HTML code.

I found this header (above) on Not bad. I do love it. But it isn't custom. I had a vision and I wanted nothing less than that.

Enter Todd at The Spare Tire. He's like my little brother (and was my cousin-in-law at one time, but THAT'S for a separate post!) He's insanely talented and was able to take what I rambled in an email and make it into this header...It's my thoughts made tangible.

Try as I might, I could not find a periwinkle minivan ANYWHERE on! This illustrates perfectly what we are as a family: There's my honey Joe in the passenger seat (we won't discuss that his first response was, "Hey, why am I in the passenger seat?" Nor will we discuss that fact that he no longer has hair.) There's my daughter E (2 years old) climbing over the seat, no doubt to pummel one or both of her brothers [note: We do NOT Allow our kids to climb freely about the vehicle. This is for entertainment purposes ONLY!] There are my two oldest boys in the back (L-3 and R-4 years old)...looking like twins even though they are a year apart. One of them is sleeping...this would be L. He becomes narcoleptic as soon as I start the engine. And there's my little angel M--my 9 month old little guy who is the easiest baby I have ever seen! Yep! that's me at the helm. I have a smile on my face that hides the nervous breakdown [usually] taking place inside. The beautiful Pittsburgh skyline is at our back as we drive away from our little suburban home. *sigh* A little slice of Americana. A glimpse into our world.

What you can't see (thank you, Todd) are all the random wrappers and week-old pieces of food that litter the floor of the van. Yes, we do live in this van! Thankfully, there's no sound that accompanies this picture, either, or else you'd hear all the chatter that takes place over loud Casting Crowns music and is interlaced with yelling (the kids and yours truly!) Ours is a chaotic world.

Please go see Todd's work on his website. He's a budding entrepreneur and, like so many of us newbie bloggers, is anxious to get his name out there and take the world by storm. Did I mention he's a pretty terrific guy and from a fantastic family?

I will have his badge up on my sidebar soon, so please encourage others to stop by "his place" to check out his work also. Registered & Protected


  1. Mandy~Looking Good, looking Good!! What sweet things you said about my youngest and our family!
    You are a true Sweetheart and we love you dearly and truly admire your efforts here on this a mommy of 3 sons myself...all strapping young men at this point in are hitting the nail on the head for mommyhood and balancing womanhood to boot. I am proof that "this too shall pass" and all the gray hairs and sleepless nights will be well worth it...being "friends" with you adult children is a priceless treasure!

  2. Love it!!!Looks just like you guys!

  3. OMG - SO.... WHEN are you going to put it on your header? Or, are you only using it for/as your badge? Fill me in!!

  4. Mandy- Thanks for the plug! I'm glad you like it.


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