Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've been Un-followed!

So it's happened.

Someone unfollowed me today. I had 73 and then later, when I refreshed my screen, there were only 72.


How did this happen? How did we fall out of love?

More importantly, how do I find out who it was???

Not that I would do anything about it, but it would be nice to know...

Anyone have any words of advice... consolation... a kleenex?


  1. I'll help put a whoop on a biotch for you!

  2. Pamela, you are QUICK! I no sooner hit "post" and here you are!! Thanks for having my back. =)

  3. Well it certainly wasn't me because I'm new here, but you got your follower back! :)

  4. Salt...YAY!!! Thank you! Obviously the person who un-followed probably has NO idea how neurotically obsessive I am. I will wonder forever who it was and what I did wrong...*sigh*

  5. It's hard not to take it personally, I know. I've unfollowed people that I just didn't feel like I had anything in common with. I tend to follow ALOT of people, and it just gets overwhelming when I sit down to catch up. For the record, i'm here to stay!

  6. Kim, you rock! I admit that I have un-followed someone too, but it was a blog about a little boy who died of cancer. I would sit for hours and read and sob. It just got to be too much, so I regrettably unfollowed. I am still riddled with guilt.
    Thanks for sticking by me. =)

  7. Ok I fixed it. I guess I wasn't following on google for your blog but was a fan on FACEBOOK... so now you are back



  8. I swear I cant write today... SO now your number is back up.

    Don't worry about it! :) We still love ya!

  9. G-Zell..was it "you" who unfollowed? Tee hee. Oh crimany! That was a close one... Thank you!!!

    On a similar note, Blogger must be freaking out today because I refreshed AGAIN and now it says I am not following ANY BLOGS?!

  10. Try not to take it personally. It's their loss!

  11. No LOL, I didn't unfollow.. I don't know how to do that , yet LMAO.....

    No I was following on Facebook but I wasn't following your blog so NOW I have saved the day ROFL..... LOL.....

    Did you notice how I said I haven't learned yet LOL....... jk....

  12. Jessica...I'll admit that I actually went to look at my followers to see if you WERE STILL THERE!!!!! HAHAHAHA. Now enough of the me find out who it is!

  13. Awwww...Mandy, I'm so sorry for you. Don't cry Honey. Here's a tissue for you. *giggle* Just remember It's their loss not yours ! You will gather more readers as it goes along and that we be ok.
    Loved your visit. BTW Found the exercise "hockey puck " just today. Isn't that great ?!
    Luv ya, Baby Girl

  14. Biggest piece of advice - don't worry about it one BIT!! Think of it this want your readership to consist of people who are loyal to your blog and enjoy reading it and continue to come back on a daily/weekly basis. It is better to have a lower number of followers who love your posts than to have a high number but only a small fraction of whom actually visit you on a regular basis.

    I have been unfollowed too, and I've just realized that you have to take it with a grain of salt. It is difficult though, and sometimes it is hard not to get blog envy, etc. There are plenty of bloggers who have not been blogging for as long as me and have way more followers, but that is OK.

    DO NOT let it bring down your confidence!!!

  15. Mommyologist, you're the best! And I AM guilty of blog envy on occasion. I'm beginning to pick up the pieces after the "break up" that took place today. Thank you for your kind words. I feel much better! =)

  16. Obviously, this person has moved the monastery or landed in jail Mandy. There is simply no other reason to unfollow you. It happened to me too, I questioned myself and took it personally. Then I realized I didn't want them anyhow, so there!

  17. Lori, I'd like to think that something along those lines hapened (er, maybe not that they landed in jail, although un-following should be a criminal offense...) and I am trying not to take it personally. But you're right...I want people who WANT to be here. =)

  18. I've unfollowed before. I've gotten frustrated when I spend a lot of time going to blogs, reading and commenting and not gettiing any love in return. :(

    Stopping in from SITS!

  19. Donnetta, I understand. I've felt that way too. I hope that's not why I was "un-followed" since I try to give equal comment love to all who comment on my blog. =) Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Mandy, this is too funny because I recently went through this. I lost a TON though and when I went back, I couldn't figure out why - my posts were not controversial and were pretty mild. I went from 72 to 80 to 90 to 85 to 80 to 79. My point is, the numbers ebb and flow. I love the comment from Mommyologist - I would prefer to have a lower number of followers that really read my posts than a high number who don't.


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