Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is yours one of THOSE blogs?

While perusing some blogs and doing some much needed catching up with my bloggy peeps out there, I learned a thing or two. Jen at Redhead Ranting came up with this post talking about some of the things NOT to do in the blog world, and it got me to thinking (okay, obsessing) about the things that I have done or do or will do...

Being a newbie and all, I'm sure I've made every imaginable "mistake" there is. Here are a few that I just learned about and a few that I thunk up all on my own...

*periods. after.every.word. ( I like this one  too, but overdoing it gets old.)
*Sounding just like everyone else (Wha??? I can't help it everyone else sounds so incredibly witty, hilarious and intelligent. It's a curse...)
*Stealing someone else's ideas/blogs/articles and posting them on your own blog--withOUT credit to the author (NOT cool. I haven't done that (except for piggy-backing on Jen's post, but I am CLEARLY giving credit!) and I won't!
*Using the phrase "anywho" (I also am guilty of this...)
*Having an auto-start music player (ahem...many may notice that I have removed mine...but for no other reason than there was a glitch that I couldn't figure out.)
*Not reading the post before leaving a comment--a comment that's unrelated and tells on you for NOT having read the post (I've skimmed on occasion...but I hope that's not the same thing)
*Copying and pasting a comment to multiple blogs. (I've never done that. It's way obvious.)
*UN-following someone (I was the victim of this just yesterday. I am still picking up the pieces. I have also done that *gasp* to someone else, but I have strong reasons why I did...That's different, right? What "strong" reasons could someone have for un-following moi??!)
*Grammar errors/misspellings (Okay, this is a pet peeve of mine. I absolutely hate to see grammar mistakes and misspellings. It drives me bonkers. Not to say that I haven't committed them myself, but to see it over and over in the same post/blog just enrages me. It's so distracting.)

Now...without being obvious if you happen to be referring to yours truly...what are some other pearls of wisdom you can offer to myself and other new bloggers out there about how NOT to do it or how TO do it?? I'm all ears!

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  1. I. heart. periods. after. every. word. WHATEVER to that one! I hate "anywho" and I hate hate hate "I digress" I even wrote a post about it! Auto music players suck! Don't leave me a comment that states "Stopping in from such and such" okay! How 'bout you read my post then leave me a comment that pertains to the topic. I so get that one! I'm the grammar police. I will edit edit edit even after I've published.

  2. Ok so maybe I should just quit blogging now! I am ALWAYS spelling things wrong, I have said I digress a few times, I also have said stopping in from such and such probably once a day, lets see, what other blog crimes have I committed? Oh boy!

  3. I think it's important to respond to your comment leavers (but I admit I am pretty bad at that!) But, I will visit their blog if they have stopped by mine :) And in my defense most of my commenters are family members and they usually call me to tell me what their comment says before I even get an email about it. My family is SO tech savvy!

  4. Ugh. I'm so embarrassed. I am so guilty of a lot of the those mistakes. Your blog cracks me up, though. Even if I can't read everyday, I try my best to catch up. I'm sure you understand.
    Keep posting away!

  5. I am sure I have made some of these mistakes!! I try very hard to respond back to people who comment - blogging takes up a lot of my time!!! Have a great day.

  6. I. Am. So. Freakin. Screwed. I. say. ANYWhO. more. often. than. I. use. the. words. "the" and "a".

    I have made every mistake you mention above... but learned about a month or two a go those were no-nos. Still learning!

    What I want to LEARN IS HOW TO GET THE FREAKIN' TIME TO EVEN VISIT - much less comment on -- MY FAVORITE BLOGS! Argh!!

  7. One thing I so hate about Blogger's comment field is that I can't reply directly to anyone. I used to use Disqus, but with the blog move and all it got all screwed up, so I'm just stickin with this for now. my real point...

    Pamela, I edit the crap out of my posts too. However, sometimes I'm squeezing in a post during naptime or while someone's hanging off my leg and another is crying, etc, so sometimes I just pound the keyboard and hit "post" without really scouring for mistakes. I pay the price every time when I do that! (in fact...this post had a typo that I'm SURE you all caught. I fixed it, though. Please don't hesitate to tell me if you find another one.)

    Jessica, NO! DO NOT GIVE UP BLOGGING! Part of what people like is seeing otehrs who are not necessarily polished, professioonal writers. Just the everyday Jane living her life. At least, that's what I like...not to say I don't love those blogs that f-l-o-w when you read them, but I think both types can co-exist peacefully.

  8. Amber, I also get caught up in trying to respond to everyone. I wrote a post called Blog Comenting Rules? about this very topic. What are the rules?? Is it okay to comment back on my own site (like now) or should I race immediately to your blog and respond (although that's kinda arrogant to go to 'your place' and talk about me, right?) or better yet, do I email you back? Hmmm. I think that I personally prefer a comment back on their site, the place where I originally left the comment. To each his own, right?

    Roxy, DON'T BE EMBARRASSED! I LOVE reading your blog. Your post the other day had me laughing out owe it to your "3 readers" to be real! Ha! Cracked my crap right the heck up! I LOVE that you read mine. Thank you for the encouragement! =)

  9. Krystin, "blogging takes up a lot of my time!" is SUCH a mad understatement for me! I have to tell myself to STEP AWAAAAAY FROM THE COMPUTER more than once a day. It's SUCH a time suck! But I so love it and appreciate those who come here to read and those who also comment!!

    Kat, you KNOW I love your manic, frantic way of living life. It comes through in your writing. It's what made me fall in like with you!!! =) Anywho...(See? I still make those mistakes too!) We are all still learning, right?

    And now my email is going to go CRAZY telling me about all these comments this broad named MandyP left on my post. Darn Disqus.

  10. I'm new to blogging, and haven't been around long enough to do anything too terrible (I think). My problem is that I'm always in a rush, so sometimes I post before I'm actually through editing. It happens quite often. Maybe it's actually a form of self-sabotage?

    I enjoyed reading through your posts. I'm impressed that you've built up quite a following so quickly.

  11. Mandy, that is so funny! I read the exact same post and now I watch. my. period. usage. :)

    I admit that I am freak about grammar and spelling. I stopped reading someone because I just couldn't take her spelling errors anymore. And not to sound horrid, but she has a lot of followers.

    So there.

    Sorry that sounds so bitchy but I just can't take it.

    I also strongly dislike the music thing. So happy to see she included that!

    Loved reading your reaction!


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