Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Got some Junk in my Trunk

I honestly sat down at the computer tonight to write a paper for school.

In case you don't know, I'm studying for my Bachelors in Psychology and I have 3.2 classes left before finishing (Yahoo!) It's only taken me about 15 years to get it, but whatev...Somehow along the way I missed some of the elective crap that's necessary to make me a "well-rounded" individual so I have completed all of my core psych classes, but now I'm in a health class. It's sort of like being a senior and taking a freshman phys ed class. Imagine how much fun that would be.

So, my assignment is to write a paper about my current health and fitness routine as well as ways I can improve on it. It's pretty much the same thing as if my teacher had handed me a mirror and told me to make fog. It should be easy-peezy, but I just can't make myself focus.

I should have known I was off to a bad start when I sat down at the computer with a cup of coffee (cream and sugar) and a 33.5 oz box of Goldfish as my "snack" 10:30 at night. That doesn't exactly spell healthy.

Then, as I was stuffing my silly mouth full of Goldfish, I don't know exactly what happened, but somehow the entire box flew out of my hands and landed on the floor...with Goldfish everywhere. I really wanted to curse a blue streak as I crawled around picking them all up...and squishing a few into a powery pulp here and there...and hearing my own voice echoing in my head as I tell the kids "Don't eat anywhere but the table!"

So, I got it all cleaned up and settled back in for more writing. I had to look again at the syllabus to remember what I'm writing about. Quite honestly, I'm not very proud of my health and fitness regimen to date, so I'll thank you very much not to ask me about it. Unfortunately for me, I can't exactly say that to the person responsible for my grade, so forward I press.

I would so much rather be reading blogs right now, and I know that Joe will be none too happy when he finds out that the time I took away from spending with him to do "homework" was spent blogging. Tee hee. Only for a minute. He's at the gym anyway. He's training for the marathon. I know, don't we have enough going on without adding all this extra stuff? Believe it or not, sweating for 26.2 miles IS his idea of relaxing!

I guess I should really buckle down here and get to it. Just as soon as I grab some of those yummy chocolate chip cookies from Giant Eagle...Oh the irony!

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  1. The Giant Eagle!!! Reminds me of Pittsburgh where a lot of my family live!

    Good luck with the paper!

  2. Wait...What?? YOU have family in Pittsburgh?? Did I know this?

  3. I almost burst out laughing at the box of Goldfish- the kids at our homeschooling co-op had them was all I could do not to start munching.

    They are sooooo addicting! Didn't want the kids to go without :-)

    Visiting from FFF at MBC

  4. I remember having to take health class in college. It was awful! I used to say," if you dont know how to take care of yourself, maybe you shouldnt be in college anyways!" Such a waste of time that was!

  5. Few things... LOVE that you blogged instead of studied.
    That paper sounded TORTUROUS.
    Remember what I told you about the "signs"... i.e. your food falling on the floor, off the plate? Crazy irony.
    JOE WENT RUNNING at night...? I'd rather blow my head off.
    I want to train for a 1/2 marathon so badly.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout! (Hope it wasn't all my pressure!). You must be SOOOO happy with it, Mandy!!!


  6. I envy those who train for marathons-- Ive never been a runner. If Im not running to catch a bus or to run away from some terrible thing- I just dont see the point of running for no reason lol Not sure Id ever find it relaxing.

    Goldfish are a staple in our house-- my kids love them.


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