Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What the Heck? Wednesday

Hello everyone. I hope you're having a fabulous humpday.

Mine is going well. Better than usual, actually. You see, for the past few days (weeks?) I have been having some weird things happen. I would have SWORN that I was pregnanat (and actually took about 7 pregnancy tests to convince myself that I am NOT) because I'm having ALL the symptoms of pregnancy:

*Extreme fatigue (the kind where you literally cannot make yourself get up from the couch)
*Mood swings
*Twinges/flutters in the tummy region
*Aversion to smells that never bothered me before
*lower back pain
*vision issues

And some others that I won't mention here (you're welcome.)

What the heck?

I called my OB nurse and she told me to have my thyroid checked.

That's just great. One more thing to think about!

My sister was in town this past weekend and watched the kiddos while I ran to the grocery store. It was just to grab "a few things." Wouldn't you know I got the cashier who felt it necessary to tell me her whole life story?

Make no mistake, I enjoy chatting it up with people, but when I only have a few minutes and the cashier is very s-l-o-w-l-y bagging up my groceries while telling me that her mom's boyfriend "hates" her and her mom is moving out to live with her boyfriend and then leaving the house to her daughter, but the boyfriend doesn't want the daughter to live there, but the mom said that if the boyfriend (who pays the mortgage) doesn't allow the daughter to live there, then the mom isn't moving out, and the boyfriend thinks the daughter is a drug addict and will party in the house and destroy it with all of her 'drug addict friends'.... *deep breath*

See? I really should never know this much about someone after spending only 10 minutes with her.

What the heck?

Do I have a sign on me that says, "Unburden yourself on me!"?

I am all for helping someone out-even being a listening ear, but there are times and places for it all. Least of all,  however, at the grocery store check out, I'm afraid.

This type of thing happened a lot when I was the office manager at a dental office. Mind you I have NO formal dental training whatsoever. I didn't even wear scrubs in the office. I wore business attire. That didn't stop people from waltzing in the office and throwing open their mouths to show me their infected molar. I guess I should just be thankful that I didn't work in a gynecologist's office.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Got some Junk in my Trunk

I honestly sat down at the computer tonight to write a paper for school.

In case you don't know, I'm studying for my Bachelors in Psychology and I have 3.2 classes left before finishing (Yahoo!) It's only taken me about 15 years to get it, but whatev...Somehow along the way I missed some of the elective crap that's necessary to make me a "well-rounded" individual so I have completed all of my core psych classes, but now I'm in a health class. It's sort of like being a senior and taking a freshman phys ed class. Imagine how much fun that would be.

So, my assignment is to write a paper about my current health and fitness routine as well as ways I can improve on it. It's pretty much the same thing as if my teacher had handed me a mirror and told me to make fog. It should be easy-peezy, but I just can't make myself focus.

I should have known I was off to a bad start when I sat down at the computer with a cup of coffee (cream and sugar) and a 33.5 oz box of Goldfish as my "snack" 10:30 at night. That doesn't exactly spell healthy.

Then, as I was stuffing my silly mouth full of Goldfish, I don't know exactly what happened, but somehow the entire box flew out of my hands and landed on the floor...with Goldfish everywhere. I really wanted to curse a blue streak as I crawled around picking them all up...and squishing a few into a powery pulp here and there...and hearing my own voice echoing in my head as I tell the kids "Don't eat anywhere but the table!"

So, I got it all cleaned up and settled back in for more writing. I had to look again at the syllabus to remember what I'm writing about. Quite honestly, I'm not very proud of my health and fitness regimen to date, so I'll thank you very much not to ask me about it. Unfortunately for me, I can't exactly say that to the person responsible for my grade, so forward I press.

I would so much rather be reading blogs right now, and I know that Joe will be none too happy when he finds out that the time I took away from spending with him to do "homework" was spent blogging. Tee hee. Only for a minute. He's at the gym anyway. He's training for the marathon. I know, don't we have enough going on without adding all this extra stuff? Believe it or not, sweating for 26.2 miles IS his idea of relaxing!

I guess I should really buckle down here and get to it. Just as soon as I grab some of those yummy chocolate chip cookies from Giant Eagle...Oh the irony!

*Image compliments of Google images

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tell me lies, tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...

As they used to say on Happy Days...Fleetwood Mac, you can Sit on it!

I HATE to be lied to.

It has to be on my top 10 list of things that make me want to claw someone's eyes out.

It probably rests comfortably at number 2 or 3 on that list. Maybe even number 1 if I really sat down to think about it.

I have had some experience with every word that came out of someone's mouth was a BIG FAT LIE!

From the mundane ("Did you call so-and-so?") to the biggies ("Where were you today and why haven't you answered my calls?") I've heard it all. I have been lied to through text, through email, over the phone and point blank right to my face. Unfortunately for the person telling the whopper, I seem to have a sixth sense about these things. Information tends to fall right in my lap that contradicts what the liar said and that proves they were lying.

I've had friendships broken, feelings hurt, and relationships destroyed because of lying.

You migtht say that I have a passionate dislike for liars.

You would be understating my feelings on the matter.

So, imagine how I felt when I picked up a Parenting-type magazine this weekend and read an article talking about what kids need to "survive" as they grow up. There were things like learning how to make friends, how not to melt down in public, etc , etc.

Then, there was a paragraph or two about teaching our kids to be the "Al Pacinos and Meryl Streeps" of the playground. In other words, teaching our kids how to give Oscar winning performances-- "little white lies"-- so as to spare someone's feelings.

Please don't get me wrong. I have no desire to hurt someone's feelings (or for my children to hurt someone's feelings). In fact, my empathy goes so deep that I usually cry at the drop of a hat whenever someone tells me a wrong that has been committed to someone else.

What I take issue with is teaching our kids to lie under the guise that it's the "right thing to do."

I don't hold to that.

I believe there are tactful ways to keep from hurting someone else's feelings without lying.

For 1, how do you teach a child how to differentiate between when it's "okay" to lie and when it isn't? What's to stop a child from figuring that since it's "okay" to lie to spare someone else's feelings  that surely it's okay to lie to spare his own feelings (AKA: to avoid getting into trouble)?

An example used in the magazine was if little Johnny comes up to your little darling and says, "Do you like my new haircut?" And your little guy doesn't like it AT ALL, then it's okay to tell a "white lie" so as to not hurt little Johnny's feelings. Therefore, say, "I LOVE your haircut!"

I disagree.

I think the better option would be to say something like, "Wow! You got your haircut! How exciting! Do you like it?" or "You got your haircut! It's definitely 'You'! How fun!"

This way, your child isn't lying and you are not hurting someone else's feelings unnecessarily.

Unfortunately, I think there is far too much of this type of parenting advice available. We are so busy not offending someone else and teaching our children the same that we lose some values in the process. It's very frustrating.

Any thoughts?

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Friday Follow!

Friday Follow
I love Friday's Not only does it signal that the weekend is a scant few hours away, but it's also when the blog carnival "Friday Follow" happens! I am so looking forward to this especially in light of the drama of losing not ONE, but TWO followers on my blog this week. *sigh* A moment of silence for them....

Now to the good stuff!

This is a special edition of Friday Follow.

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MckLinky Blog Hop

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is yours one of THOSE blogs?

While perusing some blogs and doing some much needed catching up with my bloggy peeps out there, I learned a thing or two. Jen at Redhead Ranting came up with this post talking about some of the things NOT to do in the blog world, and it got me to thinking (okay, obsessing) about the things that I have done or do or will do...

Being a newbie and all, I'm sure I've made every imaginable "mistake" there is. Here are a few that I just learned about and a few that I thunk up all on my own...

*periods. after.every.word. ( I like this one  too, but overdoing it gets old.)
*Sounding just like everyone else (Wha??? I can't help it everyone else sounds so incredibly witty, hilarious and intelligent. It's a curse...)
*Stealing someone else's ideas/blogs/articles and posting them on your own blog--withOUT credit to the author (NOT cool. I haven't done that (except for piggy-backing on Jen's post, but I am CLEARLY giving credit!) and I won't!
*Using the phrase "anywho" (I also am guilty of this...)
*Having an auto-start music player (ahem...many may notice that I have removed mine...but for no other reason than there was a glitch that I couldn't figure out.)
*Not reading the post before leaving a comment--a comment that's unrelated and tells on you for NOT having read the post (I've skimmed on occasion...but I hope that's not the same thing)
*Copying and pasting a comment to multiple blogs. (I've never done that. It's way obvious.)
*UN-following someone (I was the victim of this just yesterday. I am still picking up the pieces. I have also done that *gasp* to someone else, but I have strong reasons why I did...That's different, right? What "strong" reasons could someone have for un-following moi??!)
*Grammar errors/misspellings (Okay, this is a pet peeve of mine. I absolutely hate to see grammar mistakes and misspellings. It drives me bonkers. Not to say that I haven't committed them myself, but to see it over and over in the same post/blog just enrages me. It's so distracting.)

Now...without being obvious if you happen to be referring to yours truly...what are some other pearls of wisdom you can offer to myself and other new bloggers out there about how NOT to do it or how TO do it?? I'm all ears!

*Image compliments of Google Images

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've been Un-followed!

So it's happened.

Someone unfollowed me today. I had 73 and then later, when I refreshed my screen, there were only 72.


How did this happen? How did we fall out of love?

More importantly, how do I find out who it was???

Not that I would do anything about it, but it would be nice to know...

Anyone have any words of advice... consolation... a kleenex?

What the Heck? Wednesday

One of my fave girls The Mommyologist started What the Heck? Wednesday to lament the week's happenings. I'm joinin' in...

Just when we're getting back in our groove and starting to get things done (the office/playroom repaired and painted, kitchen cabinets put on, new carpeting upstairs to replace that carpet that must have been put down in 1865, etc...) BAM! Another freakin automatic withdrawl rears its ugly head! FOR PETE'S SAKE! Sometimes it feels like we can't  take a breath! I used to think accountants for personal accounts and personal assistants were such a I think it's a NECESSITY! I can't keep up!What the Heck?

Remember that pile of laundry I am constantly talking about?:'s still there. In fact, it has invited all of its relatives and they have all taken up residence in our basement. I just can't get a freakin handle on it. I think there was ONE day in my entire life that I had the laundry "caught up." It's enough to make you want to walk around naked for a day so that you can genuinely say that ALL of the laundry is done... What the Heck?

Lastly...why did I take an unexpected break from blogging the past couple of weeks? I missed an entire week's worth of meme's (including What the Heck? Wednesday!!!!!) That alone deserves a huge What the Heck?!

But it's good to be back!

If you wanna play along with What the Heck? Wednesday, link up with all the cool kids at The Mommyologist's blog by clicking here.

The Stiletto Award

You have got to be kidding me!!!

My girl Jessica at Adventures of a Wife and Mom awarded me this sweet Stiletto Award. How awesome is THAT? I hardly think I qualify, but if she insists, who am I to argue??

First, to understand, let us understand the Stiletto… some words that describe it…

Classy – Strong -Exotic – Demure – Extreme – Ultra – Sexy - Bold – Funky

“Walking in extremely high heels is not something that the average woman (or man)

will need to do in their everyday life.However, there are times when this skill may be required.”

I want to salute the women who balance life, family & relationships with style & class! Those women who share their experiences with us…who encourage us, inspire us, teach us, make us laugh and basically keep us going! You know who they are! While you read this blog, your family is looking at you wondering what the heck you are laughing about so hard…or why the tissue is necessary for internet browsing. It’s the one that the kids are excited about because a new post means a new craft project or family outing. The one that inspires you to be a better mom, friend, person in general. The one that reminds you that we are all “in this life together” and you’re not the only one going through the hard stuff. The one that you secretly wish your blog was like…

“Heels this high are not meant for clubbing or walking long distances in. They are mainly used for getting from the living room to the bedroom, from the car to the restaurant, or for a short stroll along the catwalk.”

If you’ve received this award, someone out there thinks you deserve it! Be proud! Display the badge with honor! You earned it…after all it means that you brought something special to at least one other person, and really, isn’t that what life’s all about?


This blog is meant to be shared, to be given out, to be bestowed upon any and ALL women who exemplify what the stiletto represents. If you’ve received this award, here’s what you do:

1. Display your Stiletto Badge of Honor on your sidebar! Wear it with pride…
2. BRAG ABOUT IT! -write a post about your award. Include the link to this page so everyone will understand what it’s all about!
3. SAY THANKS! - include a link to the friend who nominated you for the award.
4. SHARE THE LOVE! -nominate 5-10 blogs that you feel deserve the award. Include links to hem in your post -and- leave them a comment to let them know they are nominated.
5. DO WHAT YOU DO! -keep at it. Keep inspiring and encouraging and sharing your life! We love it and we thank you!

Here are my nominations...

*Jessica, I refuse to volley this award back and forth with you, but you DO deserve this again!!!! I'm lucky enough to have you both as a bloggy friend and as an IRL friend!

*Kat at Today's Cliche. She. Is. The. Bomb. (Do people even use that word anymore?) She makes me laugh and she is such a fabulous woman who balances it all; work, family, and blogging. Love ya girl!

*My girl Lori at Mommy Friend is nothing short of a genius. I LOVE her and her blog and am often commenting many times in a day. She's a regular at these awards ceremonies...

*Pamela at 2 Much Testosterone. Friggin hilarious. I ALWAYS laugh when I read her stuff. My fave lines from her "about me" section..."If you're offended by bad language then exit stage right. I have the mouth of a pirate and will mask it for no one."

*Dalia at Generation X Mom. I love to find blogs that make me laugh and ones that make me think. Dalia's blog is good for working me all up in a lather about the crap we have to think about in today's world when it comes to our kids. She's insightful and poignant.

*Jen at Redhead Ranting. Good gosh she's so freakin funny. Even when she's just whipping out a quick post, she has me laughing. Crimany-- to be able to write like that!

and...last, but DEFINITELY not least...

*Natalie at Mommy on Fire. *sigh* Where do I start??? I think she's terrific. She's so doggone real! Her posts either have me laughing or crying...sometimes BOTH at the SAME TIME! She's for sure been dropped in my lap as a gift...not sure what I did to deserve it, but I'm not gonna hassle it! your blog these ladies a visit!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My boy Todd at The Spare Tire

I have been scrambling to get this blog up and running after changing my address and template. It has been no easy task for someone as technologically challenged as myself. I know so little about web design and even less about HTML code.

I found this header (above) on Not bad. I do love it. But it isn't custom. I had a vision and I wanted nothing less than that.

Enter Todd at The Spare Tire. He's like my little brother (and was my cousin-in-law at one time, but THAT'S for a separate post!) He's insanely talented and was able to take what I rambled in an email and make it into this header...It's my thoughts made tangible.

Try as I might, I could not find a periwinkle minivan ANYWHERE on! This illustrates perfectly what we are as a family: There's my honey Joe in the passenger seat (we won't discuss that his first response was, "Hey, why am I in the passenger seat?" Nor will we discuss that fact that he no longer has hair.) There's my daughter E (2 years old) climbing over the seat, no doubt to pummel one or both of her brothers [note: We do NOT Allow our kids to climb freely about the vehicle. This is for entertainment purposes ONLY!] There are my two oldest boys in the back (L-3 and R-4 years old)...looking like twins even though they are a year apart. One of them is sleeping...this would be L. He becomes narcoleptic as soon as I start the engine. And there's my little angel M--my 9 month old little guy who is the easiest baby I have ever seen! Yep! that's me at the helm. I have a smile on my face that hides the nervous breakdown [usually] taking place inside. The beautiful Pittsburgh skyline is at our back as we drive away from our little suburban home. *sigh* A little slice of Americana. A glimpse into our world.

What you can't see (thank you, Todd) are all the random wrappers and week-old pieces of food that litter the floor of the van. Yes, we do live in this van! Thankfully, there's no sound that accompanies this picture, either, or else you'd hear all the chatter that takes place over loud Casting Crowns music and is interlaced with yelling (the kids and yours truly!) Ours is a chaotic world.

Please go see Todd's work on his website. He's a budding entrepreneur and, like so many of us newbie bloggers, is anxious to get his name out there and take the world by storm. Did I mention he's a pretty terrific guy and from a fantastic family?

I will have his badge up on my sidebar soon, so please encourage others to stop by "his place" to check out his work also. Registered & Protected


So I'm having one of those "times" again where coincidental "stuff" keeps happening.

Leading Women to the Heart of GodI found a book in my bedroom that I've had for YEARS literally. It's THIS book--------------------------------------> I bought it when a woman came to my church to speak about 7 years ago. It's a book by Lysa TerKeurst. She's part of Proverbs 31 Ministries.

This blog has opened my eyes to what an amazing community of women are out there. Yes, it's true that most people roll their eyes when I talk about my blog, but there are those others who (say they) enjoy it and still others who enjoy writing a blog themselves.  The women I have "met" through blogging are so similar that it's scary. Maybe we aren't all "mommy bloggers" but we are women who share some common struggles, furstrations and issues, so it's nice to find people who can truly relate.

Anywho...imagine my surprise today when I checked in on one of my all time fave blogs Mommy on Fire (Hi, Natalie!) and found this post about my girl Lysa!! What are the freakin' odds that I would just happen  to pick up this book after having it for years and never so much as cracking the cover open and THEN go to Natalie's blog and find this post??? Slim to none, I tell you! 

Embrace it! I don't believe in coincidence. Some people call it serendipity, some fate, and some others "The Universe"...I call it God working in His wonderful, mysterious (and humorous) ways. Registered & Protected

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Not Me" Monday!

Not Me! Monday is McKMama's creation. It allows us the opportunity to tell on ourselves and the less-than-stellar mommy moments we have during the week.

The things I did NOT do this week are...

I did NOT totally fall off the face of the earth (blogwise) after changing my entire blog face and address.

I did NOT come home today to find a water bill for $435!!!!!

Say what?!

That's right...$435! Apparently, our annoying toilet that runs if you don't "jiggle" the handle is more than just's costing us A LOT of money!

I did NOT bite off everyone's head I came in contact with last week because I was PMS'ing so bad

and NEITHER did I have my oldest son (who's 4) go "commando" because it's ALWAYS laundry day and he had no clean underwear. (In my defense, there was netting in his wind pants and he thought it was cool to be "panty-less"...)

I didn't do a doggone one of these things...NOT me! Registered & Protected

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My own little Picasso's

With all the "to-do" in trying to find an illustration for my blog header, 2 of my nieces volunteered to draw a picture for me to use. I HAD to show them to you...AWESOME!

Love you, Lily & Meghan!!

By Lily, age 8

By Meghan, age 10.

Aren't they awesome?!?!?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life in the Fast Lane

I'll tell you what...we have been going, going, going lately.

It's been crazy.

First of all, though...

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who reached out to me after my Raw post. Excuse the TMI, but I was seriously having THE WORST PMS I have EVER experienced in my LIFE!

No joke.

I was a hateful, miserable person to be around and I have to extend my deepest apologies to my husband, my kids, my nieces and nephew, my in-laws, the woman at the grocery store, the guy driving in front of me last night, and the random other people I'm sure I gave a scowl to this past week. Really, I was so hateful that I couldn't stand myself.

But...last night my sister-in-law and I went out to dinner. Alone. Just the 2 of us! It was up and FUN! I almost forgot what it was like to eat a meal while it's hot and without sharing. I almost forgot what it was like to have a glass of wine and talk about adult things. I almost forgot what it was like to wear makeup and big girl shoes instead of sneakers.

 But it all comes back, doesn't it?

Leanne, thank you for such a fun night! (Even though our waiter Jon at Houlihan's in the Galleria was a shmo!) There! That's what HE gets for his poor service! A little bad press.

Does anyone remember the horrible freak blizzard we had here about a month ago? I talked about it here, here, and here. Then, I talked about the damage  to our sunroom here, here, and here that was caused by the overflow of ice and snow in our gutter...

Wellllll.............we finally got the room repaired and repainted today and I LOVE it! The new carpeting will be put in soon and it will be like a whole new house! Can't wait!

Here's a "before" shot. You can see the damage in the top left corner of the picture.

And here's the "after" shot. SO... this isn't the greatest because it's a little dark, but the color is a goldish color. I think you get the gist of it, though. You can see that the peeling plaster and paint is gone!

Then...tomorrow my sister and brother-in-law are headed down to install our cabinet doors and drawers. Most of you may not realize that we have lived without cabinet doors for over a year! (And most of you really couldn't give a rip, but it's my blog so I'm gonna talk about it. So there. ) It was always quite evident when we'd gone grocery shopping and when we hadn't! Now we'll be living just like the rest of suburbia...with CLOSED concept cabinets.

Joe has been on vacation this week, so while that's AWESOME, it has seriously curtailed my computer time. I have missed blogging and all of you tremendously, but my butt really needed the break from this computer chair.

I missed two memes this week which is such a bummer, but it was also nice to take a little break.

And, yes! I AM feeling MUCH better. Thank you all again!!!!

I'll be back tomorrow...maybe I'll post some pics of our new kitchen cabinets! =)

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!

So you may have noticed a slight change to my blog...or maybe you've noticed that EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!!!!!

Please continue to bear with me as I'm still learning how to tweak and change things here and there. And, yes, I realize the illustration in my header is almost lifesize...still workin' on that!

I'm so sad I missed 'Not Me' Monday...I love doing that meme!

It felt weird being away from the blog all weekend. I realize blogging is largely a one-way conversation, but I felt like I missed all of you guys! I hope you haven't forgotten about me?!

You may have noticed that all of my "followers" made the move with me, so no need to "re-follow." Thank you to those who were willing... =)

I will be back tomorrow with a fresh post. Thanks again for your patience while I figure this all out!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm Moving!!!

...Well, I'm not moving but my blog is!

I decided It's Time. It's time to branch out on my own and become a dot com. So I did.

And guess what else...My blog name is changing too!!!

No longer will this be called 'Random Thoughts.'

It will now be called....

...are you ready for this... sure?...

Suburban Stereotype

Cuz that's what we are! Right down to the minivan!

There will be some great and exciting new changes (at least in my opinion!) I'm adding some cute graphics and pics. All in all, I'm really excited.

My URL will change too...

It will be

Much easier than what it is now!

The content, however will NOT change.

Now, that could either mean good things or bad things to some of you! Ha Ha!

Thanks for your patience as I try to figure this whole thing out. This could either go very smoothly or it could all be a terrible mess...not sure yet...

If necessary, could you please "re-follow" me when the time comes? I'd hate to lose all my great friends just cuz I'm moving!

And rest assured...just in case you forget my new address (even though I'm sure you've already rushed to bookmark it), this blog will redirect you to my new address. =)

The bad news about all of this? I just ordered 250 business cards with THIS address on them. Oh well...

*Image compliments of Google images

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Follow!!!!

It's Friday Follow again here at Random Thoughts! Jump on the Bandwagon...

This Friday Follow is sponsored by One 2 Try, Hearts Make Families, and Midday Escapades. Add your blog name and URL to the list and then start following! You can follow as many or as few blogs as you like.

Comment on this post and include a link to your blog and I will follow you back!!!!! It's THAT easy!

MckLinky Blog Hop

Thursday, March 11, 2010

OMG...another one?!!

I am totally running out of designer gowns with all of the awards ceremonies I've been attending...

So, what a wonderful thing to find this amazing award from Elizabeth at Trenches of Mommyhood after my Tuesday night meltdown and all...

Thank you, Elizabeth!!!!!!!! Just the thing a girl needs to start her day right!

Here are the rules: Tell 10 things about myself that not everyone knows (which may be tough considering I let it all hang out on my blog, but I'll give it a shot) and then pass along to 10 bloggers. Here I go...

1. I am slightly color-blind
2. I am all kinds of freaked out about ghosts and hauntings I will not buy a house if I know someone has died there...
3. One of my guilty pleasures is watching shows like Paranormal State
4. I actually enjoy doing the dishes and cleaning the house (uninterrupted!)
5. I have 2 sisters, 1 sister-in-law, 2 brothers-in-law, 8 nieces, 4 nephews, 1 great niece and 2 great nephews
6. I would like to consider myself a karaoke QUEEN!
7. I LOVE all things HGTV
8. I met Vern Yip and the lead singer of Collective Soul (not at the same time)
9. I am embarrassed to say that I have been to 4 Britney Spears concerts in the past 6 years.
10. I'm in school full time to be an elementary school teacher.

Now that you probably respect me a whole lot less after reading #9, let's get to the 10 recipients. I'm choosing these based on the blogs I LOVE and who I want to give a little link love to...

1. Kat at Today's Cliche is My BFF in the blogosphere. We have only met through blogging and email, but we did just recently chat on the phone for hourse while she drove home from BloggyBootcamp! Her blog talks about the Cliche's that we all live and the man's perspective as well as the woman's. It's cool! Her husband writes too!!

2. My girl Jessica at Adventures of a Wife and Mom is new to blogging but her blog has grown so much in just a few weeks! We  know each other in real life, so it's all the more cool to be blogging friends!

3. Lori at Mommy Friend is one of my absolute FAVORITE people/bloggers. I have awarded her before but it's because she DESERVES IT, DARN IT! Every time I see she has posted, I race to her blog to's THAT good!

4. Dalia at Generation X Mom talks about all the things that affect us as parents in today's world. Some heavy stuff and poignant topics. A definite must-visit site for parents!

5. Kiran at Masala Chica is a new guilty pleasure of mine. I love her writing and how it flows. She's funny and she really knows what she's talking about with this whole understanding analytics stuff that makes my eyes glaze over.

6. Natalie at Mommy on Fire is just nothing short of amazing. She has such a gift with writing and her own personal story is...I don't even have the words. She's REAL and that's something I value SO MUCH! I think the world of her!

7. Mary at The Mommyologist is one of the funniest people I have ever encountered. Even when she's writing about serious stuff (like fraudulent charges on her credit card to the tune of 100's of dollars), she's hysterical!

8. Sophia's Mom (her identity is a secret, isn't that cool?!) at The Wananbe WAHM is on a quest to start her own business and is also a mommy. She's so funny and she just finished a self-imposed 30 day blogging challenge. Good stuff.

9. Heather at Theta Mom...what is there to say??? She has single-handedly created an awesome community of bloggers. She's nothing short of amazing...join her community!

10. Allyson at Magnolias and Mimosas is also a new guilty pleasure of mine. Just love her writing style. Please go visit and check out her blog!

And there you have it folks......please go give these ladies some comment love! It's SO nice to be appreciated on your blog, isn't it?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What the Heck? Wednesday

One of my personal heroes (the The Mommyologist) started What the Heck? Wednesday. I've jumped on the bandwagon and adding my own 2 cents...

Why do people call you and ask you for something (like your address) and then when you start rattling it off, they interrupt you to say, "Hold on a minute, let me get a pen..." What the heck?! Didn't YOU call ME specifically to ask me for that??!

Why is it that even though my youngest son is 8 months old, my freakin hormones are STILL all whacked out? What the heck?! This is ridiculous! I feel like Sybil. One minute I'm great and the next I need talked down off the ledge? It's crazy.

This morning when Joe was getting ready for work I had to tote E along with me everywhere I went, and I knew I had to visit the powder room SOON or bad things would happen...I actually said out loud that I would go after Joe left  for work and thought about what I would do with E and M while I *ahem* powdered my nose. What the heck? When did it become necessary to schedule my bathroom breaks? I think it all happened about 5 years ago at 3 am when my water broke...

My kids are playing beside me. What are they doing? Beating the crap out of a poor, defenseless little carpenter ant. I know...that's gross. What's worse is that our neighbor JUST informed us (after 4 years of living in this house) that it's necessary to have an exterminator come in about every 5 years because every house IN A 1 BLOCK RADIUS was built on an ant colony back in the 1940's. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! What happened to disclosure?? We were never informed of this at closing when we bought this house. Woulda been a useful piece of info.

To add to the last one...we DID call an exterminator only to have him tell me (the day he was going to schedule an appointment) that his mom passed and would he like me to give the job to someone else? What the heck?! What do you say to that? I told him just to call me when he gets back into the office (which he told me would be Monday or in 2 or 3 days ago...) Now what? Not a peep. The poor guy just lost his mom, but I've got these ants.....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This will be probably one of the most real posts I've made in a long time. I typically tend to lean toward the humorous side of things, but this one is probably not a feel-gooder. But definitely necessary.

When I was a new mom I listened to all kinds of wise women tell me to not "lose myself" when becoming a mom. "Take time for yourself. Don't forget who Mandy is," they said. I nodded and agreed, but honestly had no idea what that meant.

Now, four kids (in less than 5 years) later, I can say that I know what it means. Like...really know what it means. I think I am either on the verge of or completely over the cliff of "losing myself." How did I come to this conclusion? Probably right about the time I found myself standing at the kitchen sink bawling while I washed baby bottles (for the hundredth time that day.)

I don't even know what spawned this episode. I was fine. Actually feeling pretty good about things; I'm only a few months away from graduation and all of my toughest classes are behind me, the kids and I finally got out of the house today after a week of being sequestered due to colds, the snow is melting and I can see grass again, the house is in pretty decent order, the laundry is progressing, and we have some great things happening to our house as far as renovation that will make it look and live so much better. So why then was I standing there snotting at the kitchen sink???

I'm gonna blame it on the hormones.

My poor little guys. They didn't know what to make of me. They hate to see me upset, so they kept giving me hugs, which only made me feel worse.

I know that this is the life I've chosen--to have so many kids, so close together--and I would not change ONE SECOND of it for ANYTHING. Honestly.

But having said that and getting that disclaimer out of the way, this is BY FAR the toughest thing I have ever done. Being a mom. Being a mom times 4.

Everyone is quick to tell you to "take time for yourself," but who jumps in to make sure you can? When mom is the CEO of the household (which includes the titles of administrator, banker, chef, nurse, coach, referee, janitor, maid, mentor, and accountant, among many other things) and so many rely on her doing all of her jobs, all to the very best of her ability, all the time, who does she lean on? Who's her "up-line"? 

I realize I probably sound like I'm whining here. Probably because I am. But I have to get this off my chest. And I have a feeling that I'm not alone in feeling this way. But it's the hardest thing to admit.

I'm not superwoman.

There. I said it.


I'm tortured with all these feelings of guilt for even complaining when there are so many who have it worse. There are so many who would give anything to have babies. I know this, and my heart breaks for them. But I have to get it out. I have to talk about it or it will continue to eat me alive. I don't really want to smile and sweep it under the carpet anymore. At least not today. That may change tomorrow after I wake up and my hormones have fluctuated back to normal.

I also feel guilty for telling Joe because he works so hard...he has LONG days and gets to come home to hear me complain. He feels obligated to then take over with the kids, but that's not exactly fair either. When is his "me" time? Do you see the battle that wages inside my head on a daily basis?

Yes, I know I'm neurotic. I was actually, officially told that by a therapist once. I've embraced it.

So, here and now I am making a pledge to myself and to the women who will be in my life after my kids are grown. I hereby pledge to be the woman who swoops in and rescues them. Maybe just for a few hours once a month, but I will. I will pop in and tell them to go out shopping or to get a coffee while I play with/watch the kids, do their dishes, make lunch/dinner, and tidy up. I will go over to their house and make them prop their feet up when they're pregnant while I fuss over them by serving them tea and toast as they relax. I'll tend to the nitty gritty daily stuff so they can have a moment to breathe. I will call at least once a week to see how they are and to allow them to vent about all the stuff that they feel too guilty or embarrassed about to say to anyone else. I will send them little cards of encouragement that say "Hold on, you WILL get through this" and mail it or drop it off so they get something pretty and sweet to brighten their day. I will buy them flowers so they can feel appreciated when their harried husband is too busy and stressed to do it himself. I will take the kiddos to my house to play so she can actually get something accomplished in one sitting from start to finish. Or maybe so she can just sit down and enjoy her own home without constant interruption, questions and needs. Maybe she'll take a delicious nap or catch up on some DVR'd shows that have been on the cue for months.

I plan to do this for my daughter, my nieces, my daughters-in-law and anyone else I know.

I will.

Because it's what I have longed for for so long. Some who know me have heard me say I'm waiting for June to come over. June being June Cleaver, of course. I'm not actually looking for June Cleaver to come over in her heels, dress and pearls. Don't be silly. She can wear sneakers.

But I desperately want her to come.

Don't get me wrong. I have an abundance of people in my life who love me and care for me and who would do anything for me. But there are a few things that stand in the way of them doing what I'm asking...

*They (unfortunately) all have lives and responsibilities of their own (what the...???)
*My side of the family lives far away
*All those who truly understand what it's like have children of their own and are in the same boat
--and most importantly--
*No one knows how I really feel because I don't let it show. I've got it all figured out. At least that's the picture I [try to] paint. And then I laugh about the struggles. The sad part is, I'm not just laughing about those struggles.

Unfortunately for me, no one in my circle of friends or family has mastered the fine art of mind reading, so getting support actually requires that I open my mouth and *gasp* say something. That's just too much to consider.

If someone approaches me about this, I'm sure I will poo-poo it and blame it all on the hormones while chuckling about how silly I am.


Or, it could be just the right timing and I will dissolve in a puddle of tears.

Tread lightly.

Anyone out there feeling this way, please bottle this feeling so you don't forget what it's like. And dare to make the same pledge I am. When the time comes, and you're in a place in life that allows it, reach out and be someone's lifeline. Be that raft in the middle of her turbulent ocean. Insist on it because no matter how trying it is to have this pressure and responsibility constantly on her shoulders and no matter how desperately she wants needs a break, it will be hard for her to actually take you up on it. It's one of life's mysteries, the apron strings...

And even if they don't...although I know they will...I thank you. For caring enough to help her scrape back together a few pieces of herself so she can be a better wife, mom and woman.

*Image compliments of Google images

When you comment...please leave a link to your site. Thanks!

Monday, March 8, 2010

'Not Me' Monday

Okay...let's do this...let's purge ourselves of the things that we did and wish we didn't. It happens, people. We ALL have things that we do, or say, or think that we know we shouldn't. 'Not Me' Monday is MckMama's way of confessing those things.

*I did NOT completely lose it yesterday when Baby M projectile vomitted his rice cereal all over himself, me, and the dining room at large. I've never seen puke GO that far!

*I did NOT completely tear into E when she pulled her brother over (for the hundredth time) in his exersaucer so far that he was standing on his head. I was RIGHT THERE!!! She's QUICK! Poor guy. He's fine, but I really let E have it. So afraid she's gonna really hurt him some day!

*I did NOT eat 2 large Italian sausages along with 3 plates of delish spaghetti at the in-law's yesterday...Hey! It was Joe's birthday dinner. It would be rude if I didn't, right?

*I also did NOT chase those 2 sausages and 3 plates of spaghetti with 2 (that's right, I said 2) pieces of ice cream cake...that would definitely be over my point allowance for the day...

*I did NOT say less than desireable things out loud when I opened the dryer yesterday to find that a chenille throw (one that I SWEAR I've washed before) balled and pilled E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E...ALL OVER the other laundry and I had to sepnd 15 minutes cleaning it up.

*and, lastly...I did NOT totally throw a temper tantrum (complete with foot stomping and yelling) when the above 2 things (the puke and the blanket) both happened within 5 minutes of each other.

I certainly did NONE of those things...NOT me.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What?! ANOTHER award??! SHUT UP!!!

I would be remiss if I did not say THANK YOU to Kristi at Moms Own Words for this awesome award!!!!!!!! I LOVE blogging because it's so fun and such a great outlet, but how awesome is it that someone else enjoys my babble writing too?! Thank you, Kristi!!!

Since I just gave this out to 9 other bloggers, and I'm so new...I think I am going to think on this a bit before I hand these babies out...

Stay tuned. My list is forthcoming!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

25 Things I never thought I'd say...until I became a mom

1. Get the drill out of your brother's ear
2. Don't put your face so close to the toilet
3. Don't touch his pee pee
4. Get your hand out of your pants
5. Get your finger out of your nose
6. Get your finger out of his nose
7. I'm about to send you into next Tuesday
8. Do you have to go poop or pee?
9. Is there poop on your underwear?
10. Did you wash your bum?
11. Yes, you can play with poison when you get big.
12. Would you like a spankin'?
13. Don't put that in your ear.
14. You can't jump on your brother's head!
15. If I have to come up here one more time...
16. Which one of us is the mommy here???
17. I'm telling Daddy/Grandma/Santa
18. Are you ready to be wiped now?
19. Please don't leave your chainsaw on the stairs
20. Is anyone listening???
21. Do you understand me?
22. Do not stand on the TV!
24. Your crotchey hurts?

...and my personal favorite...

25. I love you more than anything...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Follow Friday!!!

This is my inagural foray into Friday Follow. It is hosted by One 2 Try, Make Families, and Midday Escapades. The idea is to create a community of followers by linking up together (hence the MckLinky at the botton of this post.)

Reasons I'm doing it...

*I want followers, darn it! While what I have to say may not be rocket science, I think it's valid and may be valuable to least for a laugh.

*I enjoy blogging...and what's the point in blogging if no one reads?? I do enough talking to myself at home every day.

*I want to start earning millions from Adsense. that's not realistic, but I wouln't mind seeing my $12 bump up a bit.

*Because it's fun to connect with new people!! I love finding a blog that I can't get enough of. One that I can't stop reading and I find myself searching the archives to read husband doesn't love that as much as I do, however...

Join's fun and it gets some fresh traffic to your blog!.

Here’s how YOU can join the celebration:

–Link up your blog name and URL using the MckLinky below. Only need to add on one blog to be seen on all the blog hops.

–Follow the Friday Follow hostesses listed in the first 3 slots.

–Follow as many blogs as you’d like.

–Take a moment to comment on the blogs telling them you’re from Friday Follow.

–Follow back when you get a new follower through Friday Follow.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What the Heck? Wednesday

Once again, I'm following the Mommyologist's lead and partaking in What the Heck? Wednesday...

*Yesterday the kids were upstairs laughing and having a great time...I smiled a knowing little mom smile to myself thinking how sweet it was that they were having a good time together...I should have KNOWN that something was up...Pretty soon, L came down and asked me if he "had poop in his hair"??????!!!! Apparenty while R was using the potty, the other two decided to join in the fun and an all-out poop fight took place. THIS is what I get for letting them play when they're "having a good time."!!! What the heck?  I don't remember EVER thinking that playing in poop was fun...and Mom, if you remember differently...DON'T correct me. Ignorance is bliss!

*I'm having an exceptionally difficult time with weight watchers right now. It could be the stress of Joe changing job locations and a move in our not-too-distant future. It could be the 4 little ones encircling me and calling out their every need to me All. Day. Long. Or it could be those Giant Eagle chocolate Chip cookies calling my name from the kitchen. In any case, I look (and feel) like I'm about 4 months pregnant. What the heck?!

*My laundry is multiplying like rabbits in the basement. No matter how much I do, I just can't get a handle on it. I stood in an ankle-deep pile the other day literally saying out loud, "How did this happen?!" I couldn't find the laundry room floor for 2 days. What the heck? I think clothes are overrated. Maybe we'll just move to a nudist colony and our laundry will decrease exponentially. Just kidding. Maybe.

*All of our kids have a cold with congestion, coughing and runny noses...I guess that's the very definition of cold, right? Anyway...last night little M was not feeling so hot and he coughed until he threw our bed...all over me. Nothin' like warm formula throw up to get you up outta bed in a hurry. You know it's comin' by the sound of the cough-turn-gag, but it's like you're moving in slow-mo. What the heck?? Why doesn't M ever throw up on Joe's side???

But it's hump day, so that means the weekend is just around the corner...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday!!

It's that time again...Not Me Monday!! MckMama has created a place where we can come clean about those things that happen that I would MUCH rather forget about...

This week, I did NOT choose to be on the computer over doing laundry, thus allowing the mountain of clothes in the basement to multiply.

I did NOT completely shut little man down with a "that's enough!" when he was only asking what I was making for lunch (and I thought he was arguing with me.) Sorry little man! =(

I did NOT fret over yesterday's post about my perspective shift because I'm worried people will think I'm a "Jesus freak."

...and, lastly, I did NOT make it ALL the way out to my car at Target with a gallon of milk that I didn't pay for (but didn't realize because it was UNDER the cart) and decide to deal with it "later." Getting four kids out of the store, through the parking lot, and in the van by myself is exhausting, so the thought of going ALL THE WAY back in was too much. As my sister-in-law Leanne says, I was "too weak to freak."

I did NONE of those things...NOT me!
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