Monday, February 15, 2010

Where's my grass???


I have officially had enough.

It's almost March, for crying out loud, and here we sit under 30+ inches of snow.

I'm ALL for it on Christmas Eve...a beautiful blanket of pristine white snow while we sip hot cocoa and sing Christmas carols by the fire...but Christmas is long past. It's almost Easter for Pete's sake. I've already started thinking about what I want to plant in our landscaping this year and when we'll lay the mulch. I can't wait to get out the grill and fire it up... *sigh*

(By the way, my husband is wondering who the heck I've been spending Christmas with since we don't do any of that stuff!)

We are all burning up with cabin fever. I'm beginning to wonder if God planned it this way since we just received our tax refund. The weather has been so bad that I'm afraid to drive; Ergo-the money doesn't get spent! Crafty guy, that God. It just goes to show that God DOES answer prayers. Namely, Joe's prayers of "Please don't let her spend all the money. Please don't let her spend all the money."

As I type, there's an almost hypnotizing drip, drip, drip sound behind me. I've been hearing it for days, but only JUST figured out it's the sound of the melting ice in our gutter working its way through the seal at the top of our window and running down the glass, into the wall, and onto the carpet. There's a lovely odor that accompanies it. Poor E...I kept smelling her diaper the other night SURE that she had a load, but come to find out--it's the smell of days old melted ice in the carpet. THAT will definitely be attractive to a prospective buyer.

You'd think with all this indoors time the house would be immaculate.
You'd be wrong.
It's actually harder to clean when the kids are so bored because they move from one pile of crap activity to another and leave a mess in their wake.

The garbage situation is a little hairy right now too. We aren't quite sure exactly where the garbage cans are at the moment since they're buried under a few feet of snow, but neither of us is brave enough to trek through the thigh-deep white stuff to look for them because-- at any moment-- the five-foot long icicles that are hanging precariously off the gutters could fall and stab us to death.

You think I'm embellishing? I assure you, I'm not.

It's madness I tell you. I'm losing it.

The worst part...I, *ahem* I mean---the kids just ate the last Wal Mart frosted sugar cookie.

Things could start getting ugly.


  1. I am a new reader/follower and I just have to tell you that I LOVE your writer's voice.
    I hope that you get out of the house soon. I have 3 (4yo-7weeks) and we are going nuts with just this dusting on the ground that we have!

  2. Funny. I just ate the last cupcake. We just got like 9 inches today. I am actually missing my grass too. To top it off, our oldest is off school again. I was ready for a day free of questions. On a positive note, the hubby starts his new job after a week vacation so maybe I can get the house back in order. Ours is apparently no cleaner than yours :)

  3. You are not making want to move back. LOL. I love that today Maddie went outside and played in a dress and we all walked to the park and played for a couple of hours in the evening. It was still wonderfully warm even as the sun was setting. I am trying to get excited about taking the kids sledding riding and to play in the snow, but honestly, I just really hate winter and could live without it forever. Who needs snow when you have sandy beaches??? :( At least we will be close to family, but I plan on retiring some place warm. LOL

  4. Sorry, Linds. I speak what I know...and right now I know that I HATE THE SNOW! =) By the time you get here it will probably be turning the corner...I hope at least.

    ...And quit rubbing it in about the sandy beaches.

    Love ya!

  5. Good luck to you on getting the house in order. That's never an easy task. I'm always like, "Where to start?!"

    Hope your weather clears up soon. I keep telling myself, "This, too, shall pass..." =)

    Thanks for stopping by again!


  6. THANK YOU! I think that is the highest compliment you could have paid me. Thank you for stopping by and for commenting. I can't wait to get to know you better! I will be stopping by your blog as well. =)


  7. I know what you mean about the snow, and I live in Alabama for pete's sake. I had two inches of snow. This means we've had snow Friday, Sat, Sun and now Monday! Give me Spring! Over from SITS to say hello!

  8. Hello SITSta! Thanks for coming by. Thanks also for commenting. You know that just makes a blogger's day! =) Good luck with the snow. ....And pray for me that we will survive this! =)

  9. Are you trying to sell your house? I am. It is a nightmare trying to keep it clean with 3 kids living in it! Anyway, wanted to say hi! Drop by anytime!

  10. We will be putting it up in a few months, but the list of things that need done before we can list it is growing!!! Good luck to you on the move and thank you for commenting!! =)
    I'll be sure to stop by your blog...

  11. It will be over before you know it, promise! The snow is melting up here in Alaska, so it is bound to start melting everywhere else ASAP too!

  12. HOW DO YOU DO IT??? Live in Alaska, I mean...I surely wouldn't survive there...Thank you for stopping by "my place." And THANK YOU for the comment!! Again...LOVED your blog! =)

  13. I grew up in Arizona, and had never seen snow before I first visited here. I would have thought I would hate it too, but I actually love it. I just think everything here is so beautiful, and I adore having seasons! I never had an excuse for scarfs before, but now? Pretty much my favorite accessory


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