Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What the Heck Wednesday!

So here's a new thing I'm trying. My new friend Mommyologist started this and I'm going to jump right on the bandwagon...

Joe was off today! Yippee! I had big plans to get all the laundry done...and that equated to about 30 loads (no joke!), but I only ended up doing a grand total of 2 because we had to go buy a new vacuum cleaner...and then spend a friggin $40 on dinner at Chili's. What the heck? Why do we always order the kids their own meals???! When will we learn??! R ate two bites of his, L ate maybe a bite or two of his and then spent the rest of his time crying under the table because he was mad that we didn't buy him some ridiculous toy at Best Buy (and I'll have you know there were no crotch incidents this time--check this post to understand what I'm talking about)...E was so darn busy flirting with every passerby that she spilled her milk--on my seat--and yours truly ended up with a soaked behind...M has become quite the grabber these days. He grabbed Joe's whole plate of food and my mug of Diet Coke...Good times.

Got a call from the roofer today...yes, the roofer I mentioned in this post, and he told us it will be over $800 to replace the gutter that HE ripped off our house...What the heck? What is this world coming to when someone can cause damage to your home and then make you pay for it?! The good news? *insert sarcasm here* There's more snow coming! ...Could this be becuase I laughed when he fell off the roof???

Why is it whenever we're out and want to run some errands the kids are so tired that they can't walk--they either have to be carried or ride in a cart--but as soon as we get home, they WON'T GO TO SLEEP?! They've been in bed for almost an hour, and I swear I've been upstairs thirty different times to threaten them tuck them back in, get them water, etc etc!! What the heck? For crying out loud, I only ask for a few stinkin minutes a day to call my own and as soon as I get them, somebody needs to get a drink, get a book or have their butt wiped. Really?!

At home, at meal time, why is it that I can never make a meal, serve it and eat it all in one fell swoop? I explained to Joe today that my "meal time" now comes after the kids' meal time since, when I eat with the kids (or try to), I have to eat my food in installments because I'm too busy getting seconds (or thirds) for everyone, refilling spilled water glasses, or--like today--saving E's life when she chokes? What the heck? I'd heard the rumors about a mom never eating a hot meal, but now I'm living it. How did all the great TV moms of the past do it...June Cleaver, Carol Brady (oh yeah, she had Alice), and Claire Huxtable? My life is starting to feel a whole lot more like an episode of Roseanne than any of those others...

Lastly...why is it that when I just googled "funny sitcom moms" I ended up on a porn site???!!!! What the heck?! I practically dove for the blinds so the neighbors wouldn't see. I'm actually sweating.

How many of you just went and googled "funny sitcom moms"? What the heck?

And on that note, my friends, is where I'm going to leave it for tonight. I feel like I need to go scrub my eyes.

So...jump on the bandwagon...join in on "What the heck Wednesdays" by going to this site and grabbing the button...


  1. It is amazing how much your bill at restaurants go up with kids. Our daughter usually only eats a few bites typically, but the only other option is to let her eat what we get but that doesn't work either since she prefers "kid friendly meals". I really don't want to go out to eat and eat chicken nuggets. I can't remember the last time I ate a hot meal.

    I would make the roofer do the repairs since he did the damage. If he refuses can he be reported to the Better Business Bureau? That is a lot of money to shell out for some else's mistake.

    I hope Mother Nature stops with this snow. We to have snow coming-at least a foot. Ugh.

  2. you are too funny should just let me come over some day for a few hours so you can run errands in peace. btw, rylee is grabbing at everything, crawling everywhere, pulling herself up on everything... dont know how you do FOUR kids!!!!

  3. debbie_suburbsanityFebruary 25, 2010 at 8:46 AM

    And that is why we so rarely eat out! Sorry about the roofer. That really stinks.

  4. We usually make the kids share a meal when we eat out for that exact reason! :)
    Wow, that sucks about the roofer. I would talk to him about paying for some of it himself, since he ripped it off in the first place.

  5. We've tried. Our agent even talked to them, but no go. They claim it wasn't their fault. Seems to me that when you place a ladder up against a gutter full of ice and snow...and go on the roof that you told me you weren't going to go on...and then the whole thing collapses in a tangled's YOUR fault...but who am I?

  6. Thanks. =( It will all be over soon (I hope!)

  7. Hi, Sara! Thanks for reading and commenting. I can't believe Rylee is already pulling herself up?!?!?!

  8. I'm on the same page as you as far as the BBB. I'm considering it. I also hope this freakin snow stops soon. I'm getting the winter blues!

  9. YAY!!! I am so excited that you jumped on the WTH? Wednesday bandwagon. So happy to have you!! Sounds like you've had your share of WTH moments this week. Seriously, WTH is up with you having to pay for that gutter??? AHHHH!!!

  10. You just wait until your kids get a little older and a kid's meal isn't enough for them. When we go out to eat we're ordering four adult meals. My God!

    I hate meal time. I hate bed time.

  11. OMG, I can't even imagine what that will be like? My husband keeps saying, "Just wait...we have 3 boys. They'r egonna eat us out of house and home..."

  12. HA!!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh. Oh I know, night time can drive me CRAZY with the kids getting up every couple minutes. LOVE your blog, thanks for your honesty :)


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