Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Day Today!

What a surprise when we woke up this morning.Snowmageddon 2010 they are calling it!

The weather was SO bad that Joe's boss called him bright and early at 7:30 AM to tell him that the restaurant would not be opening....


That would have been the perfect time to tip toe back to bed and cozy back under the covers for a couple more hours of shut eye, but the kids had other ideas. L wakes up every morning between 5:30 and 6:30 AM. The moment his little peepers pop open, we're done. He's up. And he's not the kid who plays quietly in his room. His voice has one volume...broken on level 10. When L's up, we're all up.

So, we all got up and enjoyed a lazy, leisurely day of puttzing about. Then, Joe spent a couple of hours outside shoveling the front walk (notice the picture). I kept worrying about the mailman having to track through the 40 feet of snow to our front door if we didn't get the walk shoveled, but I needn't have worried...I guess the United States Postal Service rolled out of bed this morning, took a gander out the window and said, "Mmmmm, I don't think so...." Can't say I blame them.

We are lucky, though, because we still have our power. I hear there are some communities without power and it could be days before it's back on. Our governor actually declared a state of emergency for PA. This is serious stuff.

It was nice having an extra day with Joe today. That's something that has NEVER happened since we've been together--the restaurant not opening, I mean.

We had Burger King for dinner...I don't normally like Burger King, but it was the ONLY place open (Giant Eagle even closed!) They were so over-run with people that they ran out of cheese for the burgers! Stop the madness! It really is a state of emergency.

We are just going to hunker down and relish this time we have unexpectedly been given. Funny how the Lord answers prayers, isn't it? We wanted more time with Joe, and we got it!
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