Friday, February 19, 2010

Do I have a what?

Alright, I think I am finally ready to come to grips with what everyone else already thinks...we have a lot of kids.

There, I said it.

The reason I'm coming clean?

An odd series of events led us to have an insurance adjuster come to our house to look at water damage caused by the build-up of ice and snow in our gutters. The gutters leaked into the top of our windows and into our house causing plaster and carpet damage, so we needed to have it repaired.

The adjuster took pictures of the damage (and consequently the room just happens to be the kids' playroom.) and submitted them to our insurance agent. Luckily, we know our agent pretty well, so when he called me today to ask IF WE HAVE A DAYCARE in our house, I thought it was a joke referring to how many children we have.


He was making sure we didn't (because based on the pictures and the adjusters questioning, it looks to them like we DO have a daycare) Apparently, you need a special type of insurance for having a daycare in our home--which we do not have.

For some reason I'm oddly insulted.

I always poo-poo'd it when someone would see us out shopping and do the whole, "Wow!" (mouth open, completely stops whatever they are doing) "You have got YOUR hands full!"

Maybe because it's all we know. No shopping trip would be complete without kids dangling off the sides of the cart, pulling things off the shelves, or getting run over by the wheels of the shopping cart. (To clarify, it was only R's shoe that got ripped off when his foot went under the wheel. He's fine. I'm not sure what was worse-that I ran him over-or that I was laughing so hard I couldn't help him put his shoe back on.)

But anyway...I seriously don't look at us as having "a lot of kids." I'm no Michelle Duggar.
So, maybe I should feel complimented that our playroom looks so fun and full of activity and that's why the guy thought it was a daycare.

Or maybe I should be glad I wasn't in any of the pictures considering I wasn't expecting him and I was sporting cropped sweats, a dirty sweatshirt and calf high teal hospital socks that day. That's right...Let that visual fully develop before moving on...

I wonder what they would have thought had they ventured upstairs and saw the sleeping arrangements. We are a family of 6 in a 3 bedroom home. There are beds everywhere. We probably would have been reported as being a hotel.

Or what about the upstairs hall closet where the diaper pail is. They might have thought we were a sewage treatment plant...well, after they regained consciousness, that is. (It's amazing how potent baby poo is!)

So there it is.

I officially acknowledge we have a big family.

What do you think? Does this look like a daycare to you?


  1. It could look like a day care, but in my opinion it looks like kid heaven with plenty to do all day long. My only wondering is wether or not they see it that way and give you a moments peace during the day. Its so strange to me that we get our kids all these fabulous toys and yet they would rather play with all the dishes they can pull out of the kitchen cupboards, or better yet the box that their toys came in. LOL. I love you and can't wait to bring my kids over to play at your daycare, I mean house. LOL.

  2. I hear ya, Linds. I can't wait until you get to come over and play too! =)

  3. OMG! People are so lame sometimes. You have 4 kids, you aren't Octomom for goodness sakes! My bestie has triplets, she gets her share of comments too.

    Great post!!!

  4. Thank you! I feel like people look at me with shock, disgust-- sometimes wonder when they see my little gooslings following along behind me. Why do people feel it's their place to "let me know" they disapprove of the number of children I have?? One time my husband actually heard one woman turn to her frined and say, "If that was me, I'd kill myself" when our crazy little family walked past. Seriously?!

  5. It doesn't look like a daycare anymore than my kitchen looks like a restaurant. Toys and such do not make it a daycare, if it is maybe you should talk to your accountant about potential write-offs on food, diapers and wipes!

  6. may be on to something there... =)

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love this post, as I have encountered people asking in awe if "these are all mine?!" and I only have three! lol Gotta laugh at the way people think sometimes.

  8. does not look like a daycare to me; just a nice, full playroom!

    thanks for stopping by my blog -- your blog is a riot! I love it!!

  9. Mandy,
    All that I can say is HILARIOUS! Yes, your house does look like it would qualify as a daycare, fun toys, kids everywhere, what more would you need? It's good that they didn't come across all those beds, you would have wound up with a flashing neon sign to proclaim your new franchise, Hotel 8!
    Your life is crazy and full and fun! Enjoy every second, don't blink!

  10. Thsnk you! Come by again...and I will pass by your way again too. =)

  11. It's amazing, isn't it? I got the same reactions when we had 3, too. What's even more fun is every time we announced we were pregnant...people don't know how to react. How about happy for us??? =)

  12. Thanks, Miss. It was a funny and surprising phone call. Great blog fodder, though! =) Love ya!

  13. FLIPPIN' HYSTERICAL! Love the hotel metaphor, as well as the sewage one. They really, really, asked if you were running a daycare?!?! Take it as a compliment that they thought you had an abundance of scholarly-appropriate toys, right? Did you strangle the hell outta the guy when he asked if you ran a daycare? I would not have been able to hold back.

    PS - Where can I score a pair of the hospital calf socks? I love teal....

  14. Make fun if you will, but those hospital socks are my fave (and Joe's least)! They are comfortable, colorful, and sensible as we have hardwood all throughout our first floor. The non-skid comes in handy when carrying babies down the stairs. =)

  15. Or scared for Uncle Joe's mental health. LOL. I am waiting for the announcement that number 5 is on the way that Uncle Joe has checked himself in. LOL love you

  16. Oh, Linds, you know us too well! Joe's always up for the "act" and consequences be damned! HA! You never know with us...But I happen know someone ELSE who likes to move quickly too...*ahem*

  17. I don't think it looks like a daycare, but I also don't think four kids is a "big" family - I know a lot of people with that many!

  18. Thank you! I truly don't think 4 is a "big" family either. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! =)

  19. A daycare? Absolutely not - OK, maybe a little, but just a little!
    a SITS Friend

  20. Hello, fellow SITSta!!! Thanls for stopping by! =)

  21. I think it's just the really cool kids toys that did it. I use to work in a children's activity center and it looked incredibly like your photos Mandy. lol I don't think you have too many kids. I wish I had that many chocolate kisses and mommy "I love yous" I am actually quite envious of people who have been able to have 2-5 kids. I worked for 5 years to have the one I do I think you are incredibly lucky.

  22. Awww, thank you, Bekki! I do so love my munchkins, even though I may "complain." I am very thankful for each and every one of them! =)

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