Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blog Commenting Rules?

I mean, what are they?
Since I'm so new to the blogosphere, I'm clueless.

Here's my reason for asking...I've made some new BFF's since entering the blogging world, and I love reading what they have to say. After all, that's why they blog in the first place, right?

Well, when I read and LOVE (which happens so often), I like to let the writer know. (Comments are sunshine to a blogger's soul, right?) So, I do.

The problem comes when I LOVE so many of their posts. I comment so often that I feel like a stalker. So then I STOP commenting so often...and then I worry that they might think I didn't like their post. It's a vicious cycle!!

I have a different issue when it comes to those who comment on MY posts (and just know that I LOVE each and EVERY one of you!!!) What is the protocol for COMMENTING BACK to them? I feel obligated to comment back since they took the time to leave a message...and I love "chatting." But what about that comment that doesn't really require a reply? The comment like, "Great post. Enjoyed it." What if I respond to EVERY OTHER POST except theirs??? Is that insulting??

nEuRoTiC mUcH???

This must be exhausting for you, the reader...imagine being in my head.

I can't wait to hear from some of you seasoned veterens...


  1. I am NOT NOT NOT a veteran blogger, as you know (!), and I can not wait to hear others' responses. You're not neurotic; I totally agree!

    In fact, here are MY issues in my head:
    - If I respond back to them ON MY blog, is that egotistical? What benefit is it to them? I'm just posting and giving my post/site more opportunities for the web crawlers to pick me my blog up, not theirs.
    - My site is set up so that it doesn't "look" like a reply from me (for some reason??). Annoying. It just looks like a posted reply, not even necessarily UNDER the person's comment.
    - I agree about replying to some/few/all! What if you only respond back to a few of them... not all. What do they think?
    - Do you email them directly (a response)? That's what lots do for me. But, then WHAT benefit is that to ME or THEM??

    My solution:
    - I visit their blog immediately, and read through their posts, being sure that I comment at least once. Partially as a "thank you", and partially b/c that's what we all do to help each other out!

    Did this help? Confuse you more? I'm gonna assume "YES"!

  2. I a still working through this issue too. I have limited time - like you. I could spend hours looking/commenting on blogs. I do my best. I will sometimes comment/reply back on my blog after the comment. Otherwise, I try to comment on the blogs of that have commented on mine. I don't know if this is correct - I am new to the blogging world too!

  3. ha! your so funny! At least your getting comments right? The only comments I have are from you!!! Oh boy! What did I get myself into....

  4.'s funny you put so much thought into it! When I like a post someone writes or can add something to the conversation, I leave a comment. That may be once a month for some people or every other day for others.

    When someone leaves a comment on my blog I respond if there was a question or something I can respond to. Otherwise I say nothing. It works well for me. :)

  5. Thank you. I will probably model that method too. I can't help it...I tend to think everything to death!!! now. You didn't ask me a question, but I still responded...sorry. =)

  6. You will get'll see! How do you like that tracking site??

  7. It's good to know I'm not alone...I guess everyone is different. I like comments-on my blog or on others. I try to do both...

  8. Yes! Ha!

    I usually end up commenting back on my blog AND going immediately to theirs and commenting too. Even if it's just a "thanks for stopping by my blog" comment. It's still nice to hear from someone so you don't feel like you're talking to yourself.

  9. And I TOTALLY think of you as a seasoned veteren!

  10. Because I *love* receiving comments, I don't mind it when someone reads/comments on my stuff, after all -- in some way what I have written has touched them. I hope that others feel the same way!

    BTW... I left a little "award" for you on my blog. Just sharin' the love! Have a blessed day!

  11. An award?!?!? THANK YOU!! do I get back to your blog?? I just can't find the link to your site? *sorry*

  12. I thought because it was attached to Disqus you'd be notified with it. Boo to Disqus. :) LOL ...anyway - it is at


  13. Never mind...FOUND YOU, Julie!!! =)

  14. I reply to each and every one of my comments via email. Some people though I can't reply to because they have to push some magic button on their profile so it doesn't say "no-reply@..." and that gets on my nerves.

  15. I always try to communicate - whether it's through a comment, visit to the blog, tweet, chat on FB, email - something to let the blogger know I appreciate the visit and the connection.

    Having said that, thanks so much for the visit to Theta Mom! Following! :)

  16. Wow, girl! You are TRUE TO YOUR WORD!! I JUST got done reading your Q&A on WannabeWAHM's site you are...commenting on my site. That's awesome. I definitely will follow you closely. I look to create that same sense of community that you have. Thank you so much! =)

  17. Yes, fighting with the system to comment is a pain...for example, I just had to re-sign in to Disqus to comment as myself (my power went out for .5 seconds...) That's a little annoying. =)

  18. Hi Mandy! I've come here from Mommyfriend! Isn't Lori the best?!?

    I'm fairly new to blogging so I don't have the answers to the rules but I do try to respond to every comment I receive.

    I really like your blog and will be back!

  19. Yay! Yes, Lori IS the best!!! Thanks for stopping by! Surely, I will pass your way too. =)


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