Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ahhh, yes THIS is why I moved away from Ohio...

I had forgotten how bad the winters are in Ohio since I moved away over 10 years ago. They suck. Pardon my language.

I had forgotten, that is, until this crazy blizzard hit our little neighborhood in PA. Parking is bad enough on our street....add to that 4-foot- high piles of snow EVERYWHERE and it's a disaster.

Our Super Bowl party for tonight got cancelled. That really stinks. But, there's nowhere for anyone to park. (Joe asked me what if the Steelers were in the Super Bowl...we agreed that no amount of snow would have mattered. We would have cars driven up drifts and teetering off mountains of snow if the Steelers were playing. Die hard here, baby. This is Steeler Country)

Our sweet periwinkle minivan was wedged in the driveway since the snow started on Friday. Joe dug it out yesterday, but it wasn't until this morning that we finally got it out of the driveway. We rocked that b#@*% back and forth, shoved cardboard under the tires, and muscled it until it was free. While I manned the wheel, Joe stood in front of the van telling me to "come forward a little more."

Our driveway slants downhill. My front tires were both resting on sheets of ice. Hmmmm, not sure why, but I was thinking that maybe wasn't the greatest of ideas.

But we did it. And our marriage survived it! Hallelujah! Now we're free to leave if we need to. Where we'll go, I'm not quite sure since there are trees and power lines down everywhere. The governor said we need to conserve water. Whoops, wish I would have known that before I started a load of laundry! Besides, I figure we can just go fill up a pan with some of the 24 inches of snow we got yesterday and boil if need be...

So here we are...Day 3 of being trapped in these four walls...with these 4 kids...What started out as an unexpected romantic "long weekend" with excited giggles and flirty winks has both Joe and me looking forward to when we can "be nice to each other again" as per this post.

I feel like Laura Ingalls out on the prairie. Everyone has taken to walking everywhere...and in the middle of the street since the sidewalks are nowhere to be found. It seems surreal. Where's Joe, you ask? He's at the gym. He risked life and limb to go pump some iron. I guess the three hours of snow shoveling yesterday and the hour today wasn't enough. Ha! Love that guy!
So, tonight it's the Colts, the Saints and the snow. We're still making some yummy nachos and chicken and will watch the game (Joe for the sportsmanship and me for the commercials and Carrie Underwood.)

Hope everyone else is staying safe and keeping warm.


  1. Luuuv your blog. Thank you for being real. Very funny. I'll definitely stay tuned!

  2. Roxanne!!!!! Thanks for stopping by...your ad would go right over..................................................................there--->
    How cool would that be? You could also start your own "blog" to sell your wares...there are lotsa mommybloggers who sell things. =) I warn you, can be addictive! =) Thank you SO Much for commenting!!

  3. Hi Mandy. My blog is The Practical Mom Guide at

  4. You Steelers and your yellow towels. I live down in Bengals Nation :) I have to agree though, Steelers are some great fans. In lower Ohio, we don't really get that bad of weather. I'm glad I'm not in middle or upper Ohio because they get pummeled by lake effect snow.

    Getting anymore snow tonight? We got another 5.5 in and 1-3 in tonight. Hope it's not another dumping for you!

    Stopping by from SITS.

  5. Hello!!! Yes, Steelers do have some great fans. =)

    The snow has already started. (sigh) I'm so cabin fever, it's not funny. Hope you don't get too much either. Stay warm. I'll be by your blog again... ;)


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