Saturday, January 2, 2010

What time is it?

Yes. It's late. It's almost 1 AM my time when I start this and probably closer to 2 AM by the time I am done editing the crap out of it. Why in the world am I up?

I'll tell you. Because I am obsessed with this new blogging thing. Not only do I love sharing these stories of our life, but I discovered this cool new tool that tracks your blog and the traffic that goes to it. This one that I love in particular is in "real time." It shows me the location of the person online and what part of the blog they are looking at--get this--as they are looking at it! I have had people from all over the country and even Canada looking at my thoughts and pictures. Is that cool or what? ...Also a little terrifying. Talk about putting yourself out there.

But I love it! I hope you all are too. If you're reading, I imagine that's a good sign.

So...last night was the big New Years celebration. I did, in fact, dust off the makeup and even did my hair to go celebrate with my honey at his work (see previous post for more clarity on the subject.) It was so much fun. I almost forgot what it's like to drive in the car without answering 500 questions about where we're going, why we're going there and if we can get McDonalds. I also almost forgot how much fun my husband and I have together. And lastly, I almost forgot how wine affects me-especially on an empty stomach!

It was a good time, though. Much needed. I hope it's only one of many in this new year. Here is a shot of me goofing around in the parking garage. (Sheesh, 2 glasses of wine and this is what happens?!) Please don't ask me why this seemed like such a great idea for a photo op...I have no clue.

I hope everyone had a blessed and safe New Year and I also hope that 2010
brings many wonderful things your way!

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