Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In the wise words of Amy Grant...It takes a little time sometimes...

Joe and I have a little inside joke about when he leaves for work; he says that he's going off to work so we can be nice to each other. Ha Ha.

I don't know why we can be so full of lovey dovey, supportive, "you complete me" messages all day long...and then BOOM...he walks in the door and it's like we've been texting someone else all day. All the usual stuff gets in the way...

The kids are clamoring for his attention
I'm trying to clean up and get dinner on the table
The baby needs fed/changed/held
Joe smells like onions (he works in a restaurant, for pete's sake!)
I don't exactly look like I just stepped off the cover of a magazine
It's getting late and we know we have things we need to do (running for Joe, school for me)


Alas, all the flowery stuff is gone like a poof of smoke.

And then reality sets in...

It's hard to keep it alive, isn't it? When I was young and stupid naive, I used to laugh at those "wise" couples who said to "schedule" time together. "Schedule?" My much younger mocking self said. "That's ridiculous!"

Now I see...yes, it is necessary to schedule time together...

We are trying now to spend some time together in the evening watching some of our favorite shows. (Thank goodness we have DVR and can 'pause' constantly to go attend to the various needs of the children for about an hour...That is excellent exercise, BTW...going up two flights of stairs-from the basement to the second floor and back down-every time someone calls for us...)

We are actually having a bona fide, honest-to-goodness date night soon for our anniversary. We make sure we take one evening a year to remember why we fell in love in the first place. I actually dust off the makeup and put on something besides my "sensible" clothes. Joe gets to be in a restaurant where they serve him...Ahhhhhhhh. Can't wait!

Wait a minute...
*scratching head and doing the math*
Our anniversary is once a year...
All of our kids are about a year apart...
I'm sensing a pattern here...

I'll have to think more about that later. Anywho... do you all do it? How do you keep the spark alive after kids and work and all the random craziness that makes up your day?

I can't wait to hear...just remember...keep it PG. This is a family place!


  1. It is so hard especially with little ones. We were lucky to have the idea of a scheduled weekly date ingrained in our heads and it has pulled us through a lot. This last year has been different and the dates have become farther apart and it shows in our everyday life. Thank you for the reminder of why it is so important and a difference it can make.
    Good Luck with the Anniversary this year new baby or not! Enjoy!

  2. Hi, Cobilynn!
    Thanks for stopping by! It IS hard, darn it! And I agree with you-it does show up in everyday life when we don't get that time together.
    Hope you and your honey get some much-needed time together soon! =)

  3. Hi, Cobilynn!
    Thanks for stopping by! It IS hard, darn it! And I agree with you that it does show up in our everyday life when we don't get time together. Hope you and your honey get some much-needed time together soon!

  4. Hi, Mandy! Too funny - my husband and I do this same thing. During the whole "texting" etc. while he is at work is SO us! Good to know it's not just us!
    We do biweekly dates and stick to it religiously. We also go on a trip once a year JUST us. It's heavenly and I rely on those times greatly to keep us going.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I enjoy yours as well!


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