Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mommy Angst

This picture is a little old, but like many moms, I seem to be behind the camera more than I'm in front of it. I obviously need a new shot of me with all the kids since E's just a baby in this one and poor M is nowhere to be found.

So yesterday was an amusing realization that I have a big family. The pediatrician's office called to tell me I'd missed M's appointment that morning. I looked at my calendar and saw there was no appointment (could this be the card I gave my new friend Heidi when we met at the grocery store?!) and we had  just been there for M's well-baby check up a couple of weeks ago. Nope. The receptionist said that we were supposed to be there that morning. Then, I told her I have it written on my calendar (aka: my lifeline) that M's appointment is the 25th. Nope again.

Okay. I was officially stumped. I had R run and grab my wallet so I could dig through pounds of useless junk and random paraphernalia until I found all of my appointment cards. I knew it! I found the card for M that said the 25th. Finally, the receptionist and I compromised on a new appointment in February. Done. I apologized again for missing an appointment that I don't remember making and admitted that I'm losing my mind; making up appointments and missing real ones.

After we hung up the phone, I started thinking...we were just at the doctor's office, but I could swear it was for M. Then I remembered, it was actually for E but since I had all the kids with me, everyone got a surprise flu vaccination while we were there. That's why I was confused. If I can't keep track of pediatrician visits, how in the world am I going to keep track of dance recitals, soccer games, football practice, and countless other extracurriculars??? Especially if I'm the one schlepping them to all these things???

How do you moms do it? Especially you moms who cook?! It's no secret that Joe is the gifted one as far as cooking in our family, but I'm already breaking out in a cold sweat thinking about having to cook healthy meals, wash uniforms for 4 different kids and get everyone where they need to go...on time...that's another of my weakneesses. The clock and I don't see eye-to-eye. I think it speeds up when I'm not looking, but my sister will tell you my "distance needed to be traveled and the time allotted to get there" expectations are not realistic.

To top it all off, we may be moving to a different part of Pittsburgh and where R will go to kindergarten is all up in the air. One area where we may settle has kindergarten registration starting FEBRUARY 1st!!!!!! Now, I know that technically you can register anytime, but this has me all stressed out. I like to know and plan, not play it by ear. If you have ever read one of my posts you know I don't deal well with waiting. You also know that I am not looking forward to the first day of kindergarten. The tantrums, the crying and pleading to stay's going to break my heart. And I'm sure R will be nervous too. =)

So, do you do it? I know some moms who are just as sensitive as me and cried every day until school started (and then a few days after) and I also know moms who waved a chipper goodbye while drinking their morning coffee and making plans for lunch. I'm afraid that won't be me. Does it get easier? I imagine it will, but when?

What are some good questions to ask at kindergarten orientation? From those of you who share my Christian convictions, what are some issues I should address and questions to address? I would love some feedback!

Another strict are the "no loitering" policies at most elementary schools for, say-- hypothetically speaking, of course-- a woman with her nose pressed to the window of the kindergarten room?

Well, I'm off for now. I have a play room that, once again, looks like a tsunami hit it. But I know I'll miss this in just a few short months.


  1. Don't worry the Tsunami will still be there, you have three other kids to keep up the terror. LOL. Hopefully Rocco doesn't completely break your heart like Lauren broke mom's. LOL. She wanted to walk to the first day of kindergarten all by herself. LOL.

  2. Mandy,
    As usual your post has me laughing and crying all at the same time. Where does the time go. There's no turning back now. I don't think that school policy allows for blatant nose pressing and loud wailing in the hallways, but perhaps it would be acceptable if a hypothetical mom were standing outside the building, and as long as her child didn't become upset by the display of craz...I mean emotion.

    I personally recommend waiting until a short time before school starts to participate in registration. Why you ask, because this gives the teacher a current introduction to your child allowing him or her to "remember" our precious little Rocco when classes begin. Additionally, the difference between preparedness from February to August will certainly add to the teacher's awareness of Rocco's brilliance, because he will have had six more months to hone his amazing skills, and or be sure he has his comedy routine down complete with props! Don't sweat it, you will be the best at being you, and that's all Rocco really needs!
    P.S. If you think the toy room will cease to look like a tsunami has hit it just because Rocco goes off to Kindergarten; you are sadly mistaken.

  3. Oh my...let's hope that doesn't happen. My heart couldn't take it. =) I definitely see Liam being like that.

  4. *sigh* Miss, how did our babies get so big so fast???? Your's is having babies of her own for crying out loud!!!!!

    Oh, little Man...I'm just not ready to let him go into this cold, cruel world without me yet.

  5. Hi, Mandy! Gosh, by reading your bio, we sound so similar! I am on a quest to show the world that Christian women don't have to wear denim jumpers. I love that you said you are no better than anyone else and you don't "hate" anyone. The vocal ones who think this way label the rest of us unfairly.
    I love this post - I have had similar experiences recently and I only have three little people. In fact, my husband is a dentist and after missing two appointments with him, he threatened to "fire" me as a patient. HA! There's just too much going on in there I guess - we do have to remember alot!
    I love your blog and your writing is great. Thanks for visiting mine!

  6. Oh, I can't wait to sink my claws into this post... but it'll have to be later today... have to get the kids off to school!


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