Saturday, January 9, 2010

Livin' the Life

So, the children and I are just sitting here doing crafts. I'm dressed in my freshly laundered and pressed chinos, white button-down oxford and loafers. My makeup is perfect as is my recently washed and styled hair and manicured nails.  R and L are wearing freshly pressed khakis and polo shirts with starched collars. E is in a flowing, ruffled, tulle dress, white patent leather mary janes, ruffled socks and a crisp bow in her shiny, clean hair. And M is sporting a cozy, soft burberry romper with nary a smudge of cereal, formula or spit- up to be found.

Everyone is chattering on peacefully. We munch delicately on the homemade chocolate chip cookies that I baked from scratch, after vacuuming and shampooing every rug, dusting every room, and scrubbing every hardwood floor on my hands and knees, of course. All of this is after I awoke at dawn, jogged 4 miles and then ironed Joe's clothes for work and packed him a healthy, nutritious, organic lunch.

We take turns reciting the alphabet, memorizing scripture verses and the periodic chart. R, L and E are sharing beautifully. Not a fist or voice is raised in anger. Not a toy is out of place. E is coloring perfectly in the lines. The boys replace every cap back on the markers before reaching for another. Not one bite of glue stick has touched their lips. Is that soft music playing in the background or is it the sound of angels singing?

No, it's the sound of reality rearing its ugly head.

Wouldn't that scenario be awesome??

Instead, what has actually taken place is: the playroom is a mess (make that a disaster), there are costumes all over the place and there are countless un-capped markers strewn about along with scissors, paper, matchbox cars and puzzle pieces. E has dry-erase marker all over her face and just threw her sippy cup at me because she's mad.

I'm still in my sweats, complete with spit up on my left shoulder (kind of a staple on every shirt I own.) The boys are...where are the boys? M is sleeping peacefully, although I don't know how.

It's almost 1pm and we have yet to eat lunch. I just remembered there's a dirty diaper upstairs in the hallway that I meant to throw away, but I can't because the diaper pail is full. Fur is starting to grow on the shower walls in the bathroom. And we are down to about a half gallon of milk.

However...E and I played with her ballerina costume, we put puzzles together and gave eachother butterfly kisses all morning. The boys took turns "scaring me" in their Spiderman costumes, cutting up paper with their new safety scissors and watching shows on Sprout. M played in his exersaucer and watched all of us with a silly, happy grin on his cereal-caked face before drifting off to a much-needed nap.

Yes, I am livin' the life.

It may not be storybook perfect, but it's mine and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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  1. So true, this is our life and it is beautiful in its imperfection. When you can see the beauty admist the chaos you know you are truly happy.


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