Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just another day in paradise

Yay for me. I made some serious headway on laundry over the past two days. I swear I must have done at least 20 loads. Now I know what the laundry room at a hospital is like.                            
Speaking of hospitals, you know what they say...the inmates run the asylum. That may be more appropriate than you realize at our house! =)

Isn't it funny the things we throw our fists in the air over as we become moms? All the sudden, laundry and bathroom issues are things we celebrate. And it's something only fellow moms can truly appreciate. Instead of a kick-butt night on the town with my girlfriends, a new handbag or a raise at work, I now jump up and down about L finally being in big boy undies, finding the coupon for formula I thought I'd lost, and getting all of my kids to nap at the same time so I can **insert naughty giggle here** read a book or take a little snooze...or eat a snack I don't want to share with my kids.

I have to add an amendment to one of my previous posts, by Joe's request. He would like me to set the record straight about how I came to give Heidi my blog address. He would like you all to know that it was his idea. Even though it wasn't.

However, I will say that he did tell me I should print up business cards with the blog address on it for just such occasions as when I met Heidi. One point for Joe. =)

Speaking of Joe...he has a very important interview this afternoon for a job that seems too good to be true (so, let's hope it isn't.) If he's hired, this could mean some pretty great things for our family; most importantly quality of life and more time at home! Please throw up a quick prayer that whatever is supposed to happen, will. Thank you!

So I was writing this, there was the usual chaos in our house. The kids were yelling for a drink, They wanted to show me all the beautiful pictures they were drawing, and at one point, a very tired E was literally hanging off my arm, crying  as I typed. What's wrong with these kids? Can't they see I'm busy writing about the joys of motherhood? Thankfully, Joe is home this morning so he can take a turn being the ringleader of the circus.

Tonight is dinner at the in-law's!! Love Thursday nights! My sister-in-law (Hi, Leanne!) and I cart our respective broods to Sal's house and let them run around and dangle from the chandelier while we talk and drink coffee. Sal cooks for us too. It's as close to Heaven on Earth as I can imagine. =                                                             

Hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for the supportive comments yesterday! It's nice to know others understand. We're a pretty amazing group aren't we, us mothers?!

Pictures from top to bottom: The kids with the cousins, Joe & his sister, Leanne, Joe & his mom Sallie "Sal."

**(For my other friends and family not pictured here...
your time is coming! =)**
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