Monday, January 18, 2010

Call me Mrs. Frugal

I have finally discovered Aldi.

It took me a while to really buy into it (no pun intended) but I am now an official card-carrying member of the "we love Aldi" fan club. (Is there a facebook page for that??)

Joe and I conducted an experiment today. We rounded up the kids this morning after breakfast and strapped them in the sweet periwinkle minivan to go grocery shopping. (This included me putting E's shoes on the wrong feet and wondering why she was walking funny, but that's another story!) That in itself isn't too daring, but we had $160 to get groceries for a family of 6 (including diapers for 2 babies) and hope it lasts at least 2 weeks.

We started at the dollar store and loaded up on some snacks (or as our kids call them "ittle nackies") like crackers, chips, cookies, etc. All the things that cost hundreds of dollars at Giant Eagle. That was $24 right there...yes, that is a lot of snacks, but I also got batteries. Yay! They even had D batteries for Max's swing there: 3 for $1!!!

Next, we ventured on to Aldi. We paid a quarter for our cart rental (which I used to think was just so unorthodoxed) and spent approximately $69 there. We got tons of stuff. Last, we finished up at Giant Eagle for the things that we can't get at Aldi like the Eagle's Nest (what a life saver by that time because R and L were dangerously close to taking a trip into next Tuesday compliments of the end of my foot), baked chips and fat free cheese. =) Oh-also the milk is comparable to Aldi if not cheaper at Giant Eagle.  That total was about $57. We even have enough to splurge on a Little Ceasar's $5 carryout pizza for dinner tonight! =)

While I understand that my grocery shopping habits may not be that exciting to anyone else, I just had to share how cool it is to save so much money on groceries!

Any other tips from you savvy spenders out there? Any suggestions on how to stretch a dollar even further? I'm looking to make ole' George Washington cry.
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