Thursday, December 10, 2009

Starting in Matthew

So, I find it ironic that I chose to start in Matthew considering the first and second chapters talk about Christ's birth. Christmas is only a month away, so it's so fitting to start here...

The second chapter talks about Herod sending his soldiers into Bethlehem and vicinity to kill all the little boys 2 years old and younger, it breaks my heart. What a cold-blooded killer. I think it speaks to Jesus' divinity in that a king was so afraid of a little baby that he had all little boys killed to make sure he got the "right" one. Thankfully he didn't succeed, but how my heart bleeds for those mothers whose babies were killed right in front of them. My youngest little guy is 5 months old. He would have fallen into the category of those targeted. I can't even really think about it too much because it terrifies me.

I think every mom and dad fear that...something happening to their child. I have been stressing lately about that very thing-hurts or pains or diseases that could happen to my kids and I lay awake at night sometimes. I am kept awake with thoughts like, "if there is a fire, how would I get everyone out?" or "If someone breaks in, how would I protect us?" This kind of thinking can drive you mad-and very nearly has driven me mad many times. I try to remind myself that God is NOT a God of fear, so those horrible feelings are not from God, but Satan. Satan would like nothing more than to make me worry when God tells me that worrying about tomorrow is useless. He has our lives in His hands, so worrying changes nothing and shows my weak faith in God's promise to take care of me and my family--No matter WHAT happens.
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