Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One of those days...

Do you ever have one of those days where everyone you come in contact with is in a crappy mood? I had one today. I knew I didn't want to go to Target, but we needed some things, so I schlepped out with all four kids.

I had a return to make first. I couldn't for the life of me find my receipt, which is especially frustrating since I save EVERY SINGLE RECEIPT I have ever gotten until the next year. Luckily, I bought it with a gift card (thank you, Lindsey!) and the gift card says right on the back "Use for receipt lookup and reloads." I thought, "Sweet! Problem solved."

I should have known things were not going to be smooth when I watched the woman in front of me get yelled down during a price dispute by "Britteny" the young lady behind the service desk who has obviously chosen the wrong industry. At the time, I actually found myself siding with Britteny, because after so many years in retail and working the return counter after Christmas, I feel a kinship with those in the frontlines. It's a sisterhood of sorts.

I had to wait about another 2 minutes while two employees dickered back and forth about needing to put change in the drawer, "did it need to be done NOW?" and "Where is Bob, is he on break?" yada ,yada, yada. By this time, the line had grown and people were hanging out of the return area into the vestibule of the store. I am trying to keep my cool while balancing my return precariously on the handle of the cart and partially on E's head and carrying on a mantra somewhat like this: "E, please hold this," "R get off of the cart, you'll tip it," "L, stay here and please stop yelling the alphabet song," all while rocking the cart back and forth to keep M from fussing. You get the idea.

My patience was wearing thin. Finally, Britteny barks that she can help the next person in line. That's me. I had to maneuver my cart full of children, coats and diaper bag around the rope to the service desk. I approached the desk and Britteny with a smile-remember the sisterhood? I plop my plastic four-drawer storage on the counter and tell Britteny it's a return (isn't that like saying you want your food 'to go' at the drive thru?) Britteny asks if I have my receipt to which I reply, "No, but I paid with this gift card." I beam my pearly whites at her again as I hand her the gift card. She looks at it. Then she looks at me and says, "I need the receipt to do the return." I say, still smiling, "Oh, really? It says right on the back to keep it for "receipt lookups and reloads." She huffs and says, "I've never used a gift card to look up a receipt before." Which, to my ears translates as, "You're an idiot and I can't believe you are wasting my time."

I stop smiling. Didn't she get the memo about the sisterhood?

Here is where I have to make a decision. Do I react the way I want to and tell her that unless Target is going to reprint every single gift card, she IS going to issue my return or do I continue being polite and see what help Britteny may be willing to offer? Hmmm...

Before I could even think it through, she scans the gift card, punches some buttons and then hands me back my card along with a receipt without so much as even looking at me. I looked at the receipt to find that she had issued my refund. SO. THERE. I was right. And she was wrong. Before I could even gather my wallet, diaper bag and children she barked out that she could help the next person in line. I guess she was done with me.

I was so offended that I was speechless. I think that is pretty amazing in itself.

Unfortunately for Joe, he called me right as I was finishing. I took all the irritation I had for Britteny and let it out on Joe. Poor guy. I had to call back and apologize.

All throughout the store, I am met with one frosty glare after another. All these people who were whistling, smiling and winking at my "adorable" children last week are now salty, irritated individuals scowling at my son because he isn't watching where he's going. He's 3!!!!!!! I swear, litearlly only 1 person smiled at me the entire time we shopped.

I finally got to say my piece to one of the managers before I left. She nodded her understanding and I had a feeling she had heard similar complaints all day. Okay, so I feel better at least being heard. I try not to think that she and Britteny probably had a good laugh later about the "Duggar" lady who was trying to make a return without a receipt. (Sorry if you don't get the Duggar reference-google it)

Fast forward to when I get home. I get all of the kids out of the car and in the house (a feat unto itself) and start taking all the winter ragalia off. Hats, shoes, coats, etc. I reach into my vest pocket to get my keys out and what do I find?

My receipt.

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  1. I love and miss you very much! This soooo sounds like some of my days and I ONLY have *2*!! I'm definitely going to be following your blog. I so miss your humor and outlook on life! Hugs to you and the babies!!! <3 Ang (ps.. sorry for posting anonymous.. don't have any other "account"!)


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