Monday, December 28, 2009

Coffee Please!

Of our four kids, three of them are snotty, hacking, coughing messes right now. This is especially fun at night when their walrus-like coughing echoes through the house. Our poor 6 month old (M)coughs until he gags, but I actually think he kind of likes it(?!)

R, our oldest, is starting to feel left out as the only one who isn't "sick," so last night, for a full hour, he made himself cough so that I would hear him over the baby monitor. He kept calling me upstairs to tell me he was coughing. It might have been kind of funny-his ploy for attention- if it hadn't kept waking up E (the 2 year-old) who really is sick...

M actually slept in his own bed last night for the first time in months. He pefers to sleep with us or with one of us holding him, but enough is enough. Our king size bed suddenly feels like a twin. Who knew a 20 lb, 24 inch long little guy could take up so much room!

I don't think I've had a decent night's sleep in about 5 years. I bet I would look a whole lot different if I was rested. I know I would act a whole lot nicer. The middle of the night is not me at my best. Joe and I get into our worst arguments in the middle of the night. It's a combination of lack of sleep, disorientation, and frustration that creates these horrible arguments where violence could possibly erupt at any second. These fights only last about 2 minutes, but they are ugly enough that we have to apologize to each other the next morning. Looking back, we can laugh about them, but not so much in the moment.

I know this will all be a distant memory too soon. I should stop complaining because I will miss this someday (or so they tell me...) I will just try to catch a few winks here and there while the kids are napping. I keep thinking about the verse where Jesus says, "I will give you rest..." LOVE that verse!

I love to hear aother moms who are going through the same things. My friend Theresa is my lifeline right now. We text about 100 times a day just commiserating about the daily stuff that piles up. Any advice, stories or encouragement is welcome!
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